Elle part du restaurant sans payer avec ses 4 enfants : 10 ans plus tard, le gérant reçoit une lettre, il était pas prêt

10 years later, the manager receives a letter, he was not ready

A restaurant in the city of Mulhouse received an unexpected and moving letter. A mother, who had come with her 4 children ten years ago, sent this message, wanting to explain why she had left without paying. The Objeko editorial team tells you all about this touching story that will undoubtedly restore your faith in humanity!

A restaurant with little care for its community.

Guney Cokkaya is a renowned restaurateur from Mulhouse. He is the boss of the Bosphore, a very high quality kebab restaurant. The restaurant is very popular with locals, and has the luxury of having five stars on all online review sites such as TripAdvisor. Le Bosphore is a multi-generational Turkish specialty establishment. It was Guney Cokkaya’s father who opened the brand more than ten years ago.

The restaurateur is a man with a big heart. He does not hesitate to help the less fortunate, and the community in general. Its establishment is a central element of neighborhood life, and local residents stick together!

This is all the more true since the global pandemic of COVID-19. Its delivery activity has made it possible to satiate all of Mulhouse, and to keep a minimum of human contact in the district.

Guney Cokkaya also offers the services of his restaurant to associations. Mutual aid is the watchword in the Bosphorus! However, it is not for his generosity or the quality of his cuisine that the restaurateur has made headlines recently! His story is much more incredible than that!

A mysterious anonymous letter that arrives at the restaurant

Guney Cokkaya, the famous restaurateur Mulhousien, received a mysterious anonymous letter directly in his restaurant Bosphore. A young man delivered the letter, without giving the sender’s name.

Strongly astonished, the restaurateur opens the letter and finds a €50 note, accompanied by a letter. Even more astonished, Guney Cokkaya reads the contents of the letter, and sees himself filled with strong emotion:

I had just come out of a divorce, the situation was desperate and I left without paying. I remembered this story recently, I hope you will forgive me for it.

A mother had come with her four children, and had ordered a full meal. When it was time to pay, however, she had left and had not paid the restaurateur. The most amazing thing about it? This situation happened 10 years ago!

So here is a story of late redemption. Better late than never, as the saying goes! The restaurateur was deeply touched by this beautiful gesture, he who does everything in his power to help his neighbor. As he said himself, he would have helped this family at the time, if he had been aware of their situation. Of course, being needy with children can be a difficult situation to deal with, and this person didn’t have the courage to ask the restaurant manager for help at the time.

The letter revealed to the general public

The manager of Le Bosphore restaurant in Mulhouse shared his incredible story with those close to him. He notably informed his father, who was the boss of the establishment ten years ago. Among his acquaintances, Mourad Benzakri played a big role in the media coverage of his story. The restaurateur’s friend is just as generous as he is, being at the head of the Collectif Mulhousien des Solidarités.

This relays the story on social networks. Very quickly, the incredible adventure of the restaurateur made the rounds of the web. The woman who wrote the message, however, has still not come forward, and it is not known if she will one day. Guney Cokkaya, the restaurateur, philosophized on this beautiful story: “Don’t judge people too quickly“, did he declare.

This is truly a beautiful story of tolerance. Let’s hope that the restaurant manager takes advantage of this event to receive all the respect due to him thanks to his humanitarian and solidarity commitment! Hats off!

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