Years of trouble as mistress of ceremonies, the fashion rise of Virginie Efira in Cannes

Years of trouble as mistress of ceremonies, the fashion rise of Virginie Efira in Cannes

Virginie Efira at the 74th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. (Cannes, July 10, 2021.) Getty

The mistress of ceremonies of this 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, who climbed the famous steps for the first time in 2005, shines a little more every year and has found her style on the red carpet.

She arrived in a sparkling Saint Laurent slit dress by Anthony Vaccarello on the stage of the grand Louis Lumière auditorium, as the dazzling mistress of ceremonies for the opening ceremony of the 75th Cannes Film Festival. Seventeen years after his first appearance on the Croisette for the premiere of the film Hidden in 2005, the actress will shine in total with four appearances on the red carpet during this edition. His two films in the official selection as well as the opening and closing of the Festival already promise to be an event both from a cinematographic and a fashion point of view. A consecration which confirms the transformation of the former presenter of the “New Star” into an icon of French cinema – but not only. At the microphone of Léa Salamé on May 17 on France Inter, she remembered her first steps in Cannes, “a period of looseness, which extended long enough” but of which she has good memories.

The iconic outfits of Virginie Efira at the Cannes Film Festival

A stylistic quest

Knee-length turquoise blue dress with a jewel in the center of her neckline, or even a creation made from deconstructed shirts in 2007… The actress fully embraced the trends of the 2000s during her debut on the Croisette, always with a dazzling smile, when she “struggled even to enter a club”. Over the years and roles, Virginie Efira has gained confidence and has made her legs a charming asset of her red carpet appearances. In corolla version in 2015 or tight-fitting version accessorized with a blazer in 2009 for the climb of the steps of the film Looking for Eric, the slit dress is gaining the favor of the actress step by step. A trick that allows her to reveal her legs with measure and slender her silhouette.

Virginie Efira at the closing of the 65th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. (Cannes, May 27, 2012.) Abaca

In 2016 with her appearance in the multi-award winning film She by Paul Verhoeven, and his first major role in Victoria by Justine Triet, Virginie Efira gains in stature as much by her roles as by her stylistic choices. She arrives the same year on the Croisette in two immaculate black dresses that draw the silhouette of a mermaid. Final stage of this transformation: the climb of the steps in 2019 which marked this edition with its scintillating Giorgio Armani Privé dress but also with the famous incident of sandals. His companion, Niels Schneider then knelt down as a worthy knight serving to help his lady close the strap of her shoe.

The fashion boom

Virginie Efira in a Dior and Clotilde Courau creation at the preview of Benedetta (Cannes, July 9, 2021.) Getty Images

Majestic golden cape, shimmering pleated dress and delicately marked waist… Virginie Efira appeared like a vestal virgin in a creation by the French house Dior in 2021 for the rise of the sulphurous steps Benedetta by Paul Verhoeven on the Croisette. A trophy dress for the former presenter of the “Nouvelle Star” which thus concludes her stylistic transformation. Since then, Virginie Efira has marked the spirits with five majestic dresses at the Venice Film Festival, including one featuring the iconic “Mireille Darc” drop of kidneys. And of course by her dazzling shouldered armor dress in silk georgette entirely embroidered with sequins and silver beads, accessorized with Cartier jewels during the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival.


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