TPMP: Arcom again seized after a homophobic sequence

TPMP: Arcom again seized after a homophobic sequence

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Raymond Aabou made remarks deemed homophobic during a debate on Idrissa Gueye in TPMP.

MEDIA – After a new homophobic sequence during the show Do not touch My TVthe Interministerial Delegation for the fight against racism, anti-Semitism and anti-LGBT hatred (Dilcrah), decided to seize Arcom (ex-CSA), Friday, May 20.

“The remarks heard during the TPMP program are unacceptable. If it is necessary to recall it, homophobic behavior does not fall under freedom of expression and has no place in our society”, indicated the Dilcrah in a message published on Twitter.

This new seizure of the audiovisual gendarme against the Cyril Hanouna program follows a sequence broadcast Thursday, May 19. A violent pass of arms between two TPMP columnists, during which the refusal of PSG player Idrissa Gueye to play with a rainbow jersey was at the heart of the debates.

The Idrissa Gueye controversy at the heart of the exchanges

In this sequence, columnists Raymond Aabou and Hugo Manos returned to a tense exchange, the day before, in this same program, between columnists Gilles Verdez and Mathieu Delormeau. Gilles Verdez had explained that he understood the choice of the Senegalese player from PSG and that he supported his decision: “I agree with him, in the name of his freedom of conscience, expression and religion. And for that, he is thrown to the dogs and I find that unacceptable.”

A position that had made Mathieu Delormeau mad with rage: “There sorry, but it goes too far. Homophobia is not an opinion, it is a crime […]. What you are saying there is a shame really, I tell you, a shame”, he replied before leaving the set of the show.

“In the eyes of some people, you are not normal”

Thursday, May 19, Do not touch My TV reconsiders this altercation, in terms which pushed a certain number of televiewers and the DILCRAH to seize Arcom. At first, Hugo Manos challenges Cyril Hanouna: “People felt attacked […] When Matthew needs you to condemn the thing […]you do not answer, it is provocation”, denounces the companion of Laurent Ruquier.

And the columnist Raymond Aabou to answer: “If Idrissa Gueye did not want to put on the jersey, that is not why he is homophobic. I don’t know, I don’t know his life and I don’t want Idrissa Gueye to be the representative of homosexuals”.

Raymond Aabou then gets carried away, giving rise to the famous sequence at the heart of the reports to Arcom: “We do a lot of stuff for gays, we do a lot of stuff for homophobia. In 1980, you had to hide, stop being clever!” Enough to push Hugo Manos to qualify the words of his colleague as “systemic homophobic remarks”.

“Raymond you can’t say: ‘We do a lot for homos’. They are not people apart”, tries to qualify Cyril Hanouna, in vain.

“In the eyes of some people, you are not normal,” adds Raymond Aabou. “There are people who don’t like fags, they say ‘as long as they don’t piss me off, it’s not my ass, they do whatever they want’.” The debate was finally closed by Cyril Hanouna, who did not fail to share his message of appeasement on social networks after the controversial sequence.

Raymond Aabou also returned to his comments on Twitter after the show, with a my culpa: “Friends, I was very clumsy tonight, apparently certain, we completely understood the opposite of what I was saying… What I wanted to say is that there is still a long way to go, but it’s going in the common sense.”

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