"The Voice 2022": Five candidates in the final, this is a first

“The Voice 2022”: Five candidates in the final, this is a first


The five finalists of The voice 2022: Loris, Caroline Costa, Nour, Vike and Mister Mat.

THE VOICE – Great novelty for this eleventh season of The Voice: five candidates will compete in the final this Saturday, May 21. This is the first time since the creation of the show that there are so many finalists. But then, how does this happen?

During the semi-finals, which took place on Saturday May 14, one candidate per team was selected for the rest of the competition. A completely traditional cast has therefore been put together. But at the end of the evening, another candidate had the chance to qualify. This is Loris, a lucky guy saved by Nolwenn Leroy, the mystery coach of this season. He joins his team directly for the final.

At his side, Nour will represent the Florent Pagny team, and Caroline Costa that of Marc Lavoine. Amel Bent, she will play this last straight line with Vike, Vianney with Mister Mat. They will sing on the same stage as distinguished guests: Angèle, Bigflo and Oli, Slimane, Mika or even Christophe Willem.

Nolwenn Leroy has upset the whole season

This twist is the last of a season largely upset by the arrival of Nolwenn Leroy. Because the “coach bonus” did not appear only on Saturday May 7. “Often I said to myself that it was a pity that certain talents were not selected. It could happen that after a whole day of listening, the coaches let slip a few nuggets, certain diamonds. This is where I come in”, explained the Breton woman to Tele-Leisure at the start of the season.

After saving them, she nevertheless had to let her foals join one of the four teams for the battles. “I admit it, it was a little frustration”, she had then confided to the Parisian. But the direct then mark his great return, and the extension of his mission.

Loris, big favorite of the secret coach

Already at the blind auditions, the singer had saved Loris from eliminations. While no coach had turned around during his performance, she had been able to detect in the young Swiss an interesting potential, which ultimately took him very far in the competition.

“When Nolwenn Leroy saved me at the start of the season, I wanted to jump everywhere. I was very moved that she offered me the opportunity to return to this stage”, Loris explained to us before the semi-final.

The fact that she saved him for the first time was then a good sign for her selection in the final. But for Loris, that did not give him the assurance of being selected. “I know she’ll pick the most deserving person, whether it’s me or someone else. His choice will be the right one”, he whispered to us. Finally, his good fairy finally bet everything on him in the show. His presence in the final marks an unprecedented outcome for this eleventh season. But this Saturday, Nolwenn Leroy will not be able to do anything for him; only the public will decide its fate.

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