The most important of the neobanks buys bitcoin in full "dip" |  Nubank

The most important of the neobanks buys bitcoin in full “dip” | Nubank

Nubank remains confident about the future of bitcoin despite the market tumble seen in recent weeks. This online financial institution created in May 2013 intends to make all the means available to satisfy its customers. To do this, he decided to invest part of his funds in the acquisition of digital assets.

Invest a proportion of your assets despite the Crash

The largest neobank Brazilian company, Nubank, has undertaken to invest part of its assets in the cryptocurrency. The financial establishment took this risk despite the carnage that the sector has experienced in recent weeks. Indeed, the current omen of virtual currencies hardly encourages any ambition to invest. Bitcoin, which is the market leader, has seen a drop of more than 30% in value. It fell for the first time in three years to a market value of less than $30,000. Despite this situation, which in no way encourages the purchase of cryptos, the neobank took the initiative to invest part of its resources. It plans to invest a total of 1% of its own funds for the acquisition of virtual currencies, in this case bitcoin.

Follow in the footsteps of other neobanks and offer new functions to its users

The option of investing in cryptocurrencies is a strategy that some companies have adopted before Nubank. The objective is to facilitate the conditions of use of the various services they offer to their customers. MicroStrategy is one example. This company specializing in software publishing has made its very first investment in cryptos, more precisely in the Bitcoin, in August 2020.

It holds a total of more than 130,000 bitcoins for a capitalization of more than 4 billion dollars. She acquired her coins for an average purchase price of around $30,700 per bitcoin. Nubank will have the chance for its part to buy its currencies for an average price of less than 30,000 dollars. The objective of this investment is to offer users of the largest online bank new functions. This allows them to buy, sell and hold cryptos. Thanks to this investment, Nubank behaves like a exchange platform electronic currencies.

Stay positive despite the climate of panic

Biggest neobank Nubank remains positive despite the rout in the cryptocurrency market. Its ambition is to give its customers the opportunity to meet their different needs in terms of banking service. This is what reinforces the online bank in its project to invest 1% of its own funds. The neobank also wants to carry out this transaction given the statistics it has. She has noticed that the number of people who have invested in cryptoassets has increased significantly. Its value in Latin America, specifically in Brazil, is around 950% according to 2021 data.

For the Chairman and Founder of Nubank, David Velez, cryptocurrencies are the future of traditional money. They will experience greater growth in this part of the world in the coming years. They will be the most used means of exchange over the next decade. It is therefore aware of transformative potential that it represents that the biggest neobank decided to buy bitcoin despite the deluge.

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