that life is good for Basket Landes who won against Bourges

that life is good for Basket Landes who won against Bourges

However, the Landaises once again got off to a bad start. So Bourges, who could count on the return of Endy Miyem (absent since the end of January for an ankle injury) but was deprived of Keisha Hampton (muscle problems), quickly created a first break thanks to Mann (3-10 , 3rd). But unlike last Tuesday, Basket Landes was responsive. Carried in particular by five points from Marine Fauthoux, the players of Julie Barennes passed in front for the first time in the meeting (12-10, 7th). The Lando-Béarnaise rocked an already warm Mitterrand space into an incandescent atmosphere.

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In images, in pictures. Relive the victory of Basket Landes against Bourges

For what was perhaps the last game of the season at the Espace Mitterrand, Basket Landes managed the feat of overthrowing Bourges in the last seconds (71-70) in the semi-final second leg of the Women’s League, to equalize in the series. Match 3, decisive, will take place Monday, May 23 in Bourges (8:45 p.m.)

The Rupert-Fauthoux duel

Magarity even allowed Basket Landes to create its biggest gap (19-14, 9th), but Bourges did not finish first in the regular phase for nothing. The players of Landais Olivier Lafargue put more intensity and came back in front again thanks to the speed of Astier, the precision of Eldebrink and the power of Yacoubou (24-28, 25th). Then it was the turn of the best Berruyère of these playoffs, Iliana Rupert, to bring her paw to the building, with her 12 points at the break (31-37, 18th).

Fortunately for the champion of France, his childhood friend, Marine Fauthoux (13 points) and Lidija Turcinovic (9 points), despite the lack of success of the Landaises (34% to 43%) multiplied to allow Basket Landes to hope at the break (33-37, 20th). Except that the Landaises once again had trouble getting out of the locker room and took a new gap after a 0-10 from Tangos, thanks to five points from Eldebrink (33-47, 25th).

Lidija Turcinovic scored 14 points on Friday night.
Lidija Turcinovic scored 14 points on Friday night.

Philip Salvat

Conducted for 27 minutes

The Landaises took more than five minutes to shake the nets again, before six points in a row from Regan Magarity gave hope to the whole room (39-47, 27th), forcing Olivier Lafargue to take time death to stop the desires of the Landes. With free throws, the Tangos again took their ease (39-54, 28th), for the biggest gap of the match. But carried by Magarity, Basket Landes did not want to die and revived the suspense thanks to an 11-0 (50-54, 30th).

The fight was very tough Friday night for Marine Fauthoux and the Landaises.
The fight was very tough Friday night for Marine Fauthoux and the Landaises.

Philippe Salvat

Céline Dumerc’s teammates put all their strength into the battle, came back several times to one length, thanks to Turcinovic and Vukosavljevic, then finally came back in front 15 seconds from the end, 27 minutes later, after two free throws from the untenable Marine Fauthoux (26 points). Sarah Michel, alone under the circle, missed her last shot, synonymous with a beautiful Monday evening in Bourges. And Mitterrand entered into fusion again

In the other semi-final, Asvel Lyon qualified for the final by dominating Villeneuve-d’Ascq a second time (83-76), after their victory in the first leg in the North (78-80).

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