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Teyssier wants proof of his wife’s infidelity, Salomé lies to Axel about her feelings (Summary and spoilers episode n° 407 ITC)

“Here it all begins” preview, detailed summary and spoilers of episode 407 of Wednesday, May 25, 2022 of ITC (VIDEO). In your daily series, Constance sinks into her lies. Théo in turn takes Célia on board for a surprise evening. To protect herself, Salomé lies about her feelings.


here everything starts in advance of May 25, 2022 News Actual
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The summary of Here it all begins from Tuesday, May 24, 2022 is also online. Good reading.


Here it all begins Summary of episode 407 of Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Théo in turn takes Célia on board for a surprise evening

Impressed by the romantic surprise organized by Célia for Théo, Ambre suggests to her friend to commercialize her idea and make it a concept. She even offers him to be her partner. Ideas flow. This concept would be called “Three stars under the stars by Célia Gaissac and Ambre Martin”.

Theo later asks Célia to admit that his idea for a concept does not hold water, especially since this concept is not new and thousands of sites already offer to spend unusual evenings. But the young woman is convinced of the potential of this concept. “If it’s done well” emphasizes Theo. He asks Célia to admit that they didn’t have a great evening. Theo then confesses to her that he liked this unusual evening because it came from her and that he would never pay for such a thing. Celia braces herself. But at the end of the day, Théo reserves a surprise evening for Célia on a boat: a small land-sea dinner concocted by him with love for the most incredibly “dumb” girl on earth. Celia is happy.


Salome lies to Axel

The day before, Louis played on Salomé’s feelings by putting Axel and Jasmine in pairs during his cooking class. And then he provoked his ex-wife by talking to her in front of Teyssier’s nephew about his former lovers, including the love of his life, Maxime Delcourt. Axel may be in a relationship with Jasmine, he obviously always thinks of Salomé. And this morning, he investigates with Greg and Lionel on Maxime. Greg portrays him as the perfect guy. Axel does not lead wide. In the course of the conversation, he then learns that Salomé has divorced Louis.

Still intrigued, Axel later asks Salomé why she invited him to the ball. Did she really want to or did she want to forget Maxime? Salome openly lies to him and explains to him that she saw him only as a distraction. Axel does not hide his disappointment.

Anaïs heard their conversation and knows that her friend lied. She questions Salomé who admits that Axel really liked her. Besides, she even projected herself a little at one point with him. But she decided to move on because it’s better for everyone. Anaïs advises Salomé to be honest with Axel and tell him how she feels. Salomé dismisses this idea out of hand. She doesn’t want to get attached to anyone now when in a few weeks she will graduate and have to leave the Institute.

Constance sinks into her lies

When Charlène arrives in the kitchen to have breakfast, Constance is sending a message to Zacharie in which she confirms that they are still seeing each other as agreed at the salt marshes. The young woman tells her mother that the atmosphere at home is stressing her out at the moment. Constance proposes to her daughter to discuss it, but Charlène suggests that she do something else instead like going out, clearing her mind. Besides, she has a class that skips at noon, which gives her a three-hour break. Charlène offers her mother a shopping spree. Constance brazenly lies to her and claims to her daughter that she has a last-minute interview with the director of the Montpellier Institute of Osteopathy. Charlène suggests to Constance to postpone it when the latter receives a message from Zacharie: he has prepared a nice surprise for her. Constance explains to her daughter that she cannot postpone her interview. Before leaving, she promises Charlene to go shopping this weekend.

Charlène confides shortly after to Louis who has come to see her that her mother has just openly lied to her to cover up her meeting with Landiras. Besides, she’s been thinking all night about Louis’ remarks the night before, and can’t bring herself to tell her father herself that her mother is cheating on him with Landiras. She wants to spare him this humiliation. Louis suggests that Charlene get her father to find out for himself.

During the Masterclass, Charlène makes her father believe that she is suffering from severe stomach cramps. Chief Teyssier accompanies his daughter to the infirmary, but Constance is absent. Chief Teyssier tries to contact Constance. But she is unreachable. Charlène pretends to remember that her mother had an appointment with the director of the Institute of Osteopathy in Montpellier and suggests that her father call the school, which he does. But the director is off for a week and hasn’t made any appointments. While Emmanuel wonders about his wife’s absence, the latter goes on a horseback ride with Zacharie to the salt marshes.

This walk allowed Constance to clear her head and she thanks Zacharie. And even if she is grateful to him for everything he does for her, she reiterates to him that nothing will happen between them. When Zacharie asks her if her husband makes her happy, Constance admits that it’s complicated. For some time, she has the impression of living in his shadow, of counting less than his career. She’s been with him for 25 years and she can’t throw everything away like this, she has to fight. Zacharie takes the hit and understands her decision despite everything. Constance and Zacharie, however, have no desire to distance themselves. Constance enjoys spending time with him. Zacharie therefore offers him to continue seeing each other, but as friends. Zacharie promises her that he won’t try to move anything and admits that he can’t help but hope that it’s her who does it.

When Constance returns home, she makes sure her daughter is better. Charlène makes him believe that she is indisposed. Emmanuel asks his wife why she didn’t answer the phone. Constance sinks into her lies. She explains to her husband that she put her phone on silent during her interview with the director, whom she also finds very nice.

Emmanuel confronts his daughter. He has the impression that Charlene has played the imaginary patient so that he notices Constance’s absence, especially since it was she who suggested that he call the osteopathy institute. At the foot of the wall, Charlène confesses to her father that her mother had an appointment with Chief Landiras at 1 p.m. at the salt marshes. For the young woman, there is no doubt that her mother is cheating on her father. Emmanuel, he wants to be sure. He wants proof of his wife’s infidelity, proof he will get with the help of Charlene.

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