RUGBY. TOP 14. Et si Toulouse n'avait besoin que d'un point à Brive pour se qualifier ?

RUGBY. TOP 14. What if Toulouse only needed one point at Brive to qualify?

We saw a final sprint then tight as ever! Do you realize, at the dawn of the 25th day of Top 14, only Montpellier and, with a little judgment, the UBB and Castres, seem assured of being qualified. For the rest, from the 4th to the 9th, we pull the plug like when all your friends fall under the spell of the (even) most beautiful girl of the evening. Believe us, no one is going to let go, even if it means making a few enemies…

RUGBY. Top 14. Toulon. 30 years later, will the RCT repeat the coup of 92?Indeed, it seems crazy to think that Racing (4th, 66 pts) has nothing better engaged than Clermont (9th, 57 pts) or Toulon (8th, 59 pts) in the race for qualification. We’re kidding ? Nay. In the name of the respective calendars of these teams in particular, nothing is yet certain for the Ile-de-France residents. And for good reason: the ASM for example, will move to the red lantern Biarritz on Saturday, she who has collected an average of 44.5 points per game for 3 months. In the process and if they take an offensive bonus in Aguiléra, the partners of Camille Lopez will play their qualification at home, against Montpellier. And at (at least) 66 pts at the end of the regular season, they would be entitled to dream of play-offs like the others.

Top 14. With an infirmary full to bursting, what can Clermont expect at the end of the season?Top 14. With an infirmary full to bursting, what can Clermont expect at the end of the season?Just like Toulon, which if it must obviously hope for a false step from its current superiors in the classification (Lyon, Toulouse, La Rochelle), has the weapons to do so: in the event of victory – improved or not – against Pau this week -end, the Varois will seek their qualification at the Arena de Nanterre in 2 weeks. Where they won last season … While Racing, therefore, can tremble, moving to Montpellier before receiving the team in form at the moment.

For Toulouse, the situation is different

For the rest, nothing is so clear. Because if La Rochelle and Lyon have their destiny in their hands, for example, the direct confrontation between these two teams on the last day should leave (at least) one on the floor. Especially since before that, the Lyonnais, in better position at the time of writing these lines, will travel to Bordeaux, which must validate its place in the direct semi-final… Unbreathable! Still, in Toulouse, we could perhaps have a little more comfort than elsewhere, contrary to appearances. Because if his current 62 points are not enough to qualify, his schedule is more. Attention, the trip to Brive – which must ensure its maintenance – on Saturday evening will be perilous, it is obvious. Except that with the prospect of a week’s rest following, Ugo Mola should hardly make too many turns and will be able to draw unthinkable resources from his men.

RUGBY.  TOULOUSE STADIUM.  Ugo Mola points out the limits of the Top 14RUGBY. TOULOUSE STADIUM. Ugo Mola points out the limits of the Top 14Enough to impose itself in a lair where so many “big guys” have broken their teeth? Not necessarily. But not to take the tide and bring back at least a little something from Corrèze, certainly. Therefore, with the reception of Biarritz looming on the last day in an Ernest-Wallon already sold out, the equation could be solvable. At 68 points in the end, the red and black team would have a huge chance of qualifying. Even if to depend only on oneself and avoid any improbable scenario that could occur jointly between Lyon, La Rochelle and Toulon, the reigning French champions will certainly have in mind not to play small arms this weekend. They’ve never done it this season; why would they start this Saturday?

RUGBY.  Do not look: it is Castres who will be champion of FranceRUGBY. Do not look: it is Castres who will be champion of France

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