Quinté+: Toscana du Berlais looks formidable in the Quinté+ of Saturday 21 May 2022

The starters of Quinté+ this Saturday May 21, 2022.


The forces present

On the podium of his first three public outings, TOSCANA DU BERLAIS (11) has just finished third on this course of the Prix Romantisme, ahead of some rivals he finds here. For his debut in a handicap, he is able to hit a big shot. To hope to win, the resident of Arnaud Chaillé-Chaillé will still have to be wary of IBAN ROQUE (7) who remains on two honors at this level. Sixth in the Quinté+ of 26 April at Compiègne, MISSED CUE (5) will then come ahead of the top weight MISTER VISION (1), recently beaten at this same course, and LOQUAS (14), well placed at the bottom of the table. Both presented by David Cottin, GESSY RAISELLE (8) and QUALI DANCER (12) are not out of the question for a place. They will complete our choice with IRISH BAR (3), to be watched immediately for its first attempt at this level.

Charly Milpied’s prediction

11 7 5 1 14 8 12 3




Mister Vision





The starters in detail and the opinion of the pros

1 – Mister Vision

Fourth in the reference Quinté+ of 27 March, this resident of François Nicolle has just confirmed its form by only narrowly failing against Tempo du Mathan, still at the same course, in the Prix Marsan. Very good theoretical luck.

Francois Nicolle, coach:

“Mister Vision (1) has just run very well on the same course. It has remained in perfect condition since that outing. The lot seems to be in his strings, even if he will logically have to carry a fairly heavy load. The terrain will not be a problem for him. I see it having a good chance in this Quinté+. »


Never further than fifth since his debut over jumps, this son of Sidestep was still clearly ahead of Mister Vision (1) during his final attempt in the Prix de Marsan. Rather for a place at the end of the combination.

Brigitte Ré-Scandella, trainer:

“Saint Langis (2) has just had an osteopathy session which will probably have corrected the little problems he experienced during his last outing. The horse is very well and appreciates this course of 3,600 meters hurdles. He has proven to be competitive at his worth. I count on watering or on possible precipitation, because it clearly prefers soft, even heavy tracks. If it goes well, he should finish in the top five. Otherwise, we will go back down in category, while waiting for the off-season. »


Brand new, this resident of Mickaël Seror has only three public attempts. Fifth in the Prix Romantisme, on March 30 at this course, for his first attempt at Auteuil, he lines up here at the start of his first handicap. Not to neglect.

Mickaël Seror, coach:

“Irish Bar (3) is a bit tender horse, who needs to learn and relax, because he has shown himself to be brilliant lately. He has remained very well since, even if he has not worked much. If his value does not allow him to be competitive on Saturday, we will direct him fairly quickly over the big obstacles. That being the case, I expect good behavior. »


After having started his season with two wins in a row at Toulouse, this resident of the Lageneste and Macaire tandem has just finished third over the hurdles of Bordeaux. For his debut at Auteuil and his first handicap, he deserves a note of distrust.

Hector de Lageneste, coach:

“Zertakt (4) hasn’t liked the Bordeaux layout lately and hasn’t shown its worth. We are trying the adventure in Quinté+, because we think it has the profile for this kind of race. The horse is currently magnificent and its handicap value seems to give it the possibility of doing well, especially as it should be happy at Auteuil. A possible easing of the tracks would be welcome, but, whatever the case, all the lights are green. »


For her first attempt at this level, this daughter of Kapgarde failed at the gates of Quinté+ on April 26 at Compiègne in the Prix Gaston Branère (sixth). Able to show progress, it will have supporters for its debut at Auteuil.

Hugo Merienne, trainer:

“Missed Cue (5) has recovered well from his recent outing. It should adapt well to the Auteuil track, but is perhaps taken a little high on the scale of values. I think we’ll run her over the steeplechase in the fall. She is in good condition in the morning. With a favorable course, I expect a good performance. »


Oriented over obstacles since his arrival in the boxes of Sylvain Dehez in February, this son of Stormy River has just opened his record over the hurdles of Fontainebleau. He is tackling a completely different category here, under a weight that probably does not leave him much leeway.

Sylvain Dehez, trainer:

“Moonrise Shadow (6) has remained in fine form since his victory at Fontainebleau. He will discover Auteuil, but he is a fairly easy horse which should adapt to the course. This race will also serve as a test to see if it has the level Quinté+ in 59.5 value. He is still young and has only three obstacle courses in his legs. If he were to finish fourth or fifth, I would be satisfied. »


Second in the Prix Général de Rougemont, the Quinté+ of 27 March at this distance, this resident of Julien Mérienne has just obtained the same ranking at Compiègne in the Prix Gaston Branère. On its way, it should still dearly sell its chances.

Julien Merienne, trainer:

“Iban Roque (7) showed that he had the level by finishing twice second in this category. The horse has remained well since his last performance, even if I find him a little less demonstrative in the morning at work. Maybe he just calmed down? In any case, I prefer him to Auteuil and I expect to see him still competing for the finish. »


In sight for her first two public attempts this winter in Pau, this resident of David Cottin was not unworthy in mid-April for her debut at Auteuil (fourth). For her first try in a handicap, she remains to be watched.

Reporter’s note:

“Gessy Raiselle (8) is still inexperienced but has already shown the means. His recent end of race for his comeback was very correct. This Saturday, she will face the males for the first time. To retain it or not is a matter of impression. »


After taking part in the Cagnes meeting, this resident of Yannick Fouin benefited from a two-month break. Dominated to finish for his return on March 8 in Compiègne, he has not been seen since. Difficult to determine his current level of form.

Yannick Fouin, trainer:

“I entered Singapore Trip (9) in this Quinté+ because it didn’t have much choice of entries. Its handicap value seems consistent to me, but it is making a small comeback and I am somewhat expectant, especially since it does not have many references at Auteuil. A small place would satisfy me. »


Ninth in Quinté+ of March 27, this son of Prince Gibraltar then had to settle for seventh place in the Prix Gaston Branère, the event of April 26 at Compiègne. Now under the guidance of Luigi Maceli, he will be wearing Australian blinders here for the first time. To have.

Luigi Maceli, coach:

“I just picked up Paint Prince (10). It is truly magnificent in condition. Erwan Grall did a very good job with him. I think that the horse will have progressed compared to its last performances. He will be wearing Australian blinkers this time. To be honest, I really hope to see him finish in the top five, especially if it doesn’t rain too much by then, because he is much better on good ground. »


On the podium of his first three public outings, this resident of Arnaud Chaillé-Chaillé has just finished third on this route of the Prix Romantisme, ahead of some rivals he finds here. For his debut in a handicap, he is able to hit a big shot.

Arnaud Chaillé-Chaillé, trainer:

“Toscana du Berlais (11) held his game very well during his last performance. He is a late horse who needs to age, fill out and gain strength. It will be much better during the autumn, where it will probably find its day at this level. However, as of this Saturday, he seems able to take a good place. »


While he had failed at the end of February for his first attempt at Auteuil, this second advantage in David Cottin’s training has just had three good performances in the Compiègne steeplechase. For its return to hurdles, it does not seem out of the question for a place.

Reporter’s note:

“Quali Dancer (12) has really revealed himself this spring and is putting on good performances. He returns to the Auteuil racecourse, where he had disappointed, at the end of February, but in a much softer ground than it will be on Saturday. It is obviously competitive in the handicaps, as evidenced by its recent outings, but the lot will be higher this time. »


Winner for her second public outing in Nantes in November, this daughter of Masterstroke was only able to play extras on April 14 when she returned to Auteuil. At the start of its first handicap, it will especially interest fans of speculative odds.

Louisa Carberry, coach:

“Iris de Grugy (13) made a very good comeback at Auteuil, especially since her preparation had not been ideal. I think it still needs to learn its trade, especially for a first in a Quinté+, against the males. The contract will be completed if it manages to grab a small place. »


On the rise, this resident of Yannick Fouin did not deserve on April 30, on this same course, by ranking fourth in the Prix Romantisme. Taken in value 57.5, it does not seem badly placed in weight for his first try in a handicap. Possible surprise.

Yannick Fouin, trainer:

“Loquas (14) is ready, but he is a big horse who still needs to run to forge himself. It has been progressing lately, however it is difficult to be positive with it because it can still err due to lack of experience. The terrain shouldn’t be a problem. »


Recent winner in Compiègne of a second handicap test, this son of Soul City had on the other hand failed twice last year in the category which interests us. Given its shape, we can’t prevent it from grabbing a small place.

Davide Satalia, coach:

“After waiting a long time, Magic Davier (15) has just left a good impression during his last victory at Compiègne. Saturday will be his first at Auteuil, but that doesn’t really worry me. The field will be higher this time, but the horse remained in perfect condition. With a good trip, it remains capable of contesting the finish. »


Seventh on this course at the end of February, this resident of Emmanuel Clayeux has since pinned two consecutive successes in the steeplechase, in the Center-East. For his return to the “brooms”, he will try to play the spoilsport.

Emmanuel Clayeux, coach:

“I present Thequietman (16) in hurdles, because I want to wait until the second half to align him with the big obstacles at Auteuil. In the meantime, for this Saturday, I don’t expect anything in particular, except for a clean course. He is really a horse for the end of the year, which will not have its ground this time. »

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