Mercato Mercato – PSG: The Kylian Mbappé miracle changes everything in the project

Mercato Mercato – PSG: The Kylian Mbappé miracle changes everything in the project

We could already see him putting on the legendary white jersey. As a logical sequence of things. The best players in the world always end up joining Real Madrid. That Kylian Mbappé knows this fate did not seem to be in the slightest doubt. It was his will. He had himself recognized it at the beginning of the fall, after a summer largely upset by his setbacks in the France team and the refusal of PSG to transfer him to the merengue club. Paris had preferred to sit on an offer of 200 million euros just to keep its talisman one more year before, even if it meant losing it for free. That’s pretty much what everyone thought.
That Mbappé remains at PSG is a miracle. Not so much on the principle of continuing his career with this club which aims to win the Champions League. In Paris, his city, and in France, his country. In absolute terms, his decision would not be meaningless if Mbappé did not seem to aspire to something else. In another championship than this Ligue 1 which he dominates head and shoulders. To another club which collects national titles at the same time as European disappointments. The latest against Real Madrid. Basically, there was no better symbol than this failure against the European benchmark to close the loop.


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A situation of weakness

Especially when the reference in question rolls out the red carpet for him. That’s the miraculous side of Mbappé’s decision. No one can resist the sirens of Real Madrid. No player had dared to make this affront to the White House. His most confusing counterpoint is not having said yes to Paris, but having said no to Real. Not only because joining this club was furiously like a desire to satisfy for a man with a thirst for excellence. Also because Real was ready to make unprecedented concessions to him. But above all because he had given himself complete freedom to join Madrid.

Without PSG being able to have a say. Condemned to fall into his own trap and to pay a heavy price for his pride of the past summer. PSG had experienced turbulence in the past. He had retained Marco Verratti when the Italian midfielder was dredged by Barça in 2017. He had clung even more to thwart Neymar’s desire to return to Barcelona two years later. But either way, he was in a strong position with contracted players. Not with Mbappé, whose lease expired on June 30. For once, the powerful PSG was in a weak position.

A revived project

This miracle, it was Mbappé who decided it. In a way, it is certainly him, too, who provoked it. His clan maneuvered perfectly to get what he was looking for, maybe even more than he imagined. Paris had no choice but to accept everything. And to hope that this is enough to convince her providential man to stay. There was too much at stake for it to be otherwise. It was the future of the PSG project that was at stake. A project that had never seemed so close to asphyxiation. Until this Saturday.

This project suddenly resurrected. The future will tell if the train for Real will pass a third time. It seems improbable as Madrid pride finds it hard to forgive that we turn our backs on the White House. Mbappé may have closed this door for good. It is all the strength of his choice. He embarked on a path with no real possibility of turning back. He linked his destiny to that of Paris Saint-Germain. He has arguably made both the most difficult and most important decision of his career. And he certainly didn’t take it by chance.

The revolution underway?

It was the most difficult to ask, but the extension of Mbappé is only the first stone of the building. His lucrative contract, and the word is probably very weak, should not hide the sporting ambitions of the phenomenon. To seal his future in Paris, the 23-year-old player has probably received important guarantees with this in mind. A small revolution is not to be excluded in the capital. And if the QSI project came to a frankly dangerous turn in the event of Mbappé’s departure, he finally negotiated this turn well to offer himself new prospects.

While waiting to see its outlines, the wind of hope is blowing again in Paris. And in France, too. She must not sulk her pleasure of keeping Mbappé in her midst. To still be able to marvel at the strokes of genius of his child prodigy. To still have the pleasure of making an appointment with him every weekend. PSG needed him, but Ligue 1 too. She imagined with some anguish to attend her last dance this Saturday. And then a miracle happened.

Kylian Mbappé has extended his contract with PSG until June 2025

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