Ligue 1: OM snatches second place from Monaco, Rennes in the Europa League, Saint-Etienne barrage, Metz and Bordeaux relegated

Ligue 1: OM snatches second place from Monaco, Rennes in the Europa League, Saint-Etienne barrage, Metz and Bordeaux relegated

The essential :

  • Guaranteed to be champion of France and qualified in the Champions League, PSG is the only French club to know which European competition it will play next season. Before welcoming Metz, Paris could celebrate the extension of Kylian Mbappé.
  • To complete the podium and know the qualified in the Champions League, Monaco (2nd), OM (3rd), and Rennes (4th) will fight. The Rennais, but also Strasbourg (5th), Nice (6th) and Lens (7th), will be in the fight for the last European tickets in the Europa League and Europa League Conference.
  • At the bottom of the table, if Metz (18th), Saint-Etienne (19th) and Bordeaux (20th) can no longer hope to catch up with Lorient, the first non-relegation player, one of these three teams can still hope to grab a play-off place .

END OF MATCHES. The joy of the Marseillais, directly qualified for the Champions League next season and big winners of this evening. The Greens also snatched an almost unexpected play-off spot.

IT’S OVER ! End of this incredible multiplex, totally crazy to the end! Marseille finishes 2nd and qualifies directly for the Champions League, Monaco is 3rd and will go through the third preliminary round. Rennes snatch 4th place and the Europa League. Nice is 5th and will play the Europa League Conference. Strasbourg (6th) and Lens (7th) will not play in any European Cup. Saint-Etienne runs away and will play its place in the play-offs. Metz and Bordeaux are relegated.

90′+5. Lens 2-2 Monaco. BUUUUUUT FOR THE LENSOIS OF GANAGO, MARSEILLE IN C1 DIRECTLY!!!!! What a cruel scenario for the Monegasques, who will finish third in Ligue 1 on the gong!

90+3′. Lille 2-2 Rennes. INCREDIBLE, GOAL FOR THE RENNES!!! Another stunning scenario thanks to Guirassy’s huge whim! It is the Bretons who recover 4th place, ahead of Nice!

90′. OM 3-0 Strasbourg. Doubled for Gerson, Marseille takes off! But this goal as it stands does not change anything, since Monaco keeps the advantage for 2nd place thanks to its success.

87′. Lille 2-1 Rennes. WEAH MARK! The dream scenario for Nice is being written! Thanks to this goal from Lille, the Aiglons recover 4th place and the Europa League!!

83′. Reims 2-3 Nice. DELOOORT’S TRIPLE!!! The Nice striker is on cloud nine tonight and scores this time with a header! In the event of Rennes’ defeat, the Aiglons would snatch 4th place and the Europa League! Delort has 18 goals this season in L1.

80′. Nantes 1-1 Saint-Etienne. HAMOUMAAAAA!!! Incredible, Sainté pulls off the place of roadblocker for the moment!!! The goal so much hoped for by the Saint-Etienne supporters arrived from Hamouma, alone at the far post! It is Metz which is virtually relegated.

77′. Reims 2-2 Nice. The double for Delooort!! Huge joy for the Aiglons, with this very important goal!

76′. OM 2-0 Strasbourg. Under’s goal! The Marseillais stand out with this second achievement!! Second place is still for Monaco, which has its destiny in its hands.

75′. PSG 5-0 Metz. Guard of honor for Di Maria, replaced under the ovation of the Parc des Princes. It was the Argentine’s last match tonight with Paris.

74′. Reims 2-1 Nice. Delort scores, the Niçois revived? On penalty, the attacker transforms and allows the Aiglons to still believe in the race for the Europa League Conference!

72′. Nantes 1-0 Saint-Etienne. The Greens probably have an ear at the Park, where two Parisian goals would now be enough for them to get out of the relegation spot. And allow them to climb into the barrage position thanks to a better attack.

68′. PSG 5-0 Metz. And it’s Di Maria’s turn to join the party!! For his last match at the club, and his farewell with the Parc des Princes, the best passer in the history of PSG scores closely! A very beautiful image then with its immense emotion, in tears and under the ovation of the whole stadium.

66′. Nantes 1-0 Saint-Etienne. If the Greens hold their own, they will largely owe it to Bernardoni!! The Saint-Etienne goalkeeper is monstrous on his line, author of a very big new parade on a full-axis firecracker from Coulibaly!

62′. Lens 1-2 Monaco. HUGE BEN YEDDER, WHO SCORES A TERRIBLY IMPORTANT GOAL!! With a header from the far post, the Monegasque captain allowed his team to move ahead of OM in the standings. Second, the ASM is virtually directly qualified for the C1!

58′. PSG 4-0 Metz. Red card at the Park for Traoré after a second sole on Neymar! The Messins will have to hold on to ten. This is indirectly good news for the Greens, since if Paris passes 7, the Stéphanois would recover the place of roadblocker. In the event of the same goal difference at the end of the match, it is indeed Sainté who would have the advantage.

54′. OM 1-0 Strasbourg. The match is temporarily interrupted at the Velodrome after the cracking of smoke bombs.

51′. PSG 4-0 Metz. MBAPPE, THE TRIPLE!!! The Messins give the stick to be beaten, losing a very dangerous ball at the entrance to their surface. Mbappé does not need to be asked to hook Caillard and conclude for his 28th goal of the season!

50′. Clermont 0-2 Lyon. OL have nothing left to play for but are taking it easy, with a goal from Aouar! Dembélé had opened the scoring in the first period, Aouar broke him with a nice deflection at the near post!

48′. Nantes 1-0 Saint-Etienne. Incredible double opportunity for Nantes, with two saves on the line! Bernardoni then Sacko repelled opposing strikes, preserving the Greens. At 2-0, it was starting to smell scorched for Sainté …

HERE WE GO AGAIN. Everything will be decided in this second and final period of the Ligue 1 season!

HALF-TIME. Scorer for the 3rd Parisian achievement, Neymar has reached the 100 mark.

HALF-TIME. It’s the break on all the lawns in this crazy multi! Among the lessons, the 2nd place recovered by OM for the moment, the only movement to note in the ranking. Nice is in the hard on the lawn of Reims, just like Saint-Etienne in Nantes. The Greens can however afford the place of barrage if they manage to go back in front, taking advantage of the bankruptcy of Metz in Paris.

44′. Angers 1-0 Montpellier. Superb penalty scored by Mangani, who came to clean the skylight of Omlin! We are not playing anything special in this meeting, but just for this perfect penalty, we had to mention it!

40′. Lille 1-1 Rennes. Bourigeaud’s volley goal!! Very nice goal from Rennais, his 11th of the season, which allows them to pick up at LOSC. Rennes strengthens its 4th place and can potentially come to worry the Monegasques in 3rd place if it passes in front.

35′. Lens 1-1 Monaco. Badiashile equalizes Bollaert and scores his first goal of the season! An achievement that could count in the end, if the ASM were to come back in front. Marseille remains second for the moment.

32′. OM 1-0 Strasbourg. And a second good news for the Marseillais, Gerson unlocks the meeting and scores with a nice shot from a tight angle! After the goal conceded by the Monegasques, OM took the opportunity to return to 2nd!

30′. Lens 1-0 Monaco. Frankowski scores and sets fire to Bollaert, Lens goes 6th and overtakes Nice!

27′. PSG 2-0 Metz. MBAPPÉ GOES HIS DOUBLE!!! The 27th goal from the Parisian striker arrives in stride, with a cross shot from the left deflected by a Messin defender! We will monitor the League’s decision to find out if this goal is actually awarded to him.

25′. PSG 1-0 Metz. MAPPEEEEE NEEDS TO!!! Who else than the Parisian star to light up this evening, after a superb service from Di Maria, Mbappé had fun with Caillard before scoring! His 26th goal this season in Ligue 1.

23′. Nantes 1-0 Saint-Etienne. Blas gets justice!! The Nantes people put a big blow behind the heads of the Greens, who are fighting to maintain them. Blas obtained a penalty which he himself came to transform with a dry cross shot from the left!!

21′. PSG 0-0 Metz. Mbappé is rather discreet in these first 20 minutes in Paris, applied but not yet decisive.

19′. Reims 2-0 Nice. The Aiglons are having a nightmare start to the match! Second goal conceded by Galtier’s men, Doumbia deceiving Benitez with a long shot.

15′. Brest 1-1 Bordeaux. Mangas opened the scoring at the far post on the fall of a cross! No outpouring of joy in the Bordeaux ranks, since the club is almost guaranteed to play in L2 next season. Especially since Mounié equalizes in stride!

12′. Lille 1-0 Rennes. LOSC surprises Rennes after another big mistake! This time, it’s Gomis who negotiates a cross from Bamba very badly, putting the ball on a plateau for Weah, who has come to convert from close range! This suits Monaco and Marseille in the race for the C1.

9′. Reims 1-0 Nice. Ekitike launches the multi!! Also taking advantage of a bad setback, the young nugget from Reims comes forward and unleashes a superb straight strike that pierces Benitez! His 10th goal in L1.

7′. OM 0-0 Strasbourg. Huge situation for the Marseillais, on the verge of taking advantage of a very big blunder from Thomasson, whose pass back to his goalkeeper is directly on Milik. The Pole shifts Harit who regains right on the post!

4′. PSG 0-0 Metz. Before the match, Kylian Mbappé spoke to the public at the Parc des Princes, who largely celebrated his player in a very nice atmosphere.

KICK-OFF. Let’s go for this crazy multiplex! From Marseille to Monaco via Lens or Saint-Etienne, we should vibrate in this suspenseful evening!

8:56 p.m. The battle for European places will keep us in suspense tonight. We take stock of the current situation.

Champions League : PSG and a place to be determined (Monaco / OM / Rennes);

3rd preliminary round of the Champions League: a place to be determined (Monaco/OM/Rennes);

Europa League: Nantes (winner of the Coupe de France) and a place to be determined (Monaco/OM/Rennes/Strasbourg/Nice);

Europa League Conference play-offs: a place to be determined (Rennes/Strasbourg/Nice/Lens).

8:53 p.m. First event in this evening, and not least: Kylian Mbappé formalized, alongside his president Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, that he was extending with PSG. The French striker confirmed that he had re-engaged until 2025.

8:49 p.m. The full program for the day.

8:40 p.m. Good evening everyone and welcome to our site to follow live commentary on this multiplex of the 38th and last day of Ligue 1. From the race to Europe to maintaining, many issues are on the program of the ten Championship matches played simultaneously from 9 p.m.!

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