Laura Calu Scenes from bad households, her difficult battle against illness.

Laura Calu Scenes from bad households, her difficult battle against illness.

Laura Calu, actress of “Household Scenes”, shared her deep discomfort on Instagram. all the details !

For many years, M6 has been broadcasting Scenes from the Household. This series depicts the daily life of several couples. About a year ago, viewers got to know a certain Laura Calu. The actress plays the colorful roommate of the couple Raymond and Huguette. An actress by profession, the young woman became known thanks to her YouTube channel.

Laura Calu, a comedian like no other

Laura Calu Household Scenes

In addition to her role on television, Laura Calu also has a one-woman-show. The least we can say is that the young woman is part of this new generation of comedians with undeniably sharp humor.

It takes a corrosive look at our society. And for a few hours, she no longer felt like laughing. She posted a message on her Instagram account to express her terrible discomfort.

She denounces the excesses of social networks.

Very close to her community, Laura Calu does not hesitate to confide. And a few hours ago, the young mother published a long text on her Instagram account to denounce the negative sides of social networks: For several years on social networks, we have accepted the unacceptable. I decided to denounce it, because I see more and more artists or influencers sinking into depression, I’m coming out of it and I’m still fighting.

On a personal level, Laura Calu is battling depression. According to the comedian, this is due to the pressure of social networks: No, it is not normal to depend on a certain number of people who validate us or not. No, it’s not normal for algorithms to decide our lives. No, it’s not normal to be able to comment on everything all the time. This is not the young woman’s first outcry. Indeed, some time ago, she denounced the baby blues.

Laura Calu: her previous rant

Last March, Laura Calu had already posted a rant on her Instagram account. On this occasion, the comedian had mentioned the baby blues: Today, some people told me that I was beautiful, except that it was not me. I have dark circles, wrinkles, hormonal acne since my pregnancy, dry skin due to treatment, etc…. In short, even if I feel like I’m alone in my shit, I think I’m just human like many others. Like everyone else, in fact. That’s all.

Laura Calu says stop prying advice during pregnancy

Laura Calu breaks the silence on the intrusive advice moms receive throughout their first pregnancy.

Being surrounded during pregnancy is important, but having thoughts for nine months is annoying. Laura, a young mother, launches a powerful and welcome cry of alarm against the intrusive advice of the people closest to us (and not only).

Helping moms-to-be have a good pregnancy is great, but you have to strike the right balance and not get too intrusive. Laura Calu, actress and humorist, had the painful experience of being a mother, like most mothers. For nine months, she had to endure criticism and unwelcome advice from those who interfere too much in the privacy of future parents.

Shut up. Stop giving advice to moms. Parents in general, but leave the mothers alone.

But it’s not just the invasive remarks of family and friends, Laura also points the finger at these complete strangers who are quick to give valuable advice on motherhood: pregnancy, childbirth or even raising a child. For Laura, it’s high time to leave the mothers alone, unless they ask you for help.

Laura Calu

Stop prying advice during pregnancy | SPEECH by Laura Calu

Comedian Laura Calu recounts the intrusive remarks she received during her first pregnancy. She’s had enough of being told how to be or not be a good mother.

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