Impatience and wills during the rehearsals for the final

Impatience and wills during the rehearsals for the final

Plunged into darkness at the Lendit studio in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), the set of The Voice This Thursday looks like a gaping jaw, lacerated with gushing, undulating, flashing green lights. At his core, Loris looks like a focused warrior. The artistic director Aziz Baki comes to give him advice for his travels. Once alone, the singer cuts through the air with his confident arm movements. His lips move imperceptibly. He revises mentally Lose Yourself of Eminem that he will perform in the season 11 finale, live on TF1 on Saturday evening.

The rehearsal should have started several minutes ago, but adjustments still need to be made on the technical side. The wait is long. Olivier Schultheis, the musical director, is getting impatient. “The time we save there is time we won’t lose tomorrow,” reassures Pascal Guix, the artistic producer of telecrochet. The control room plays elevator music, a kind of lazy bossa. The joke draws a smile from Loris. Whoever comes from afar (from Switzerland) comes back from afar. He owes his place in the final five to Nolwenn Leroy who drafted him twice this season, including once just last Saturday.

“He only worked, only progressed”

In the semi-final, within the team of Marc Lavoine, the public had preferred Caroline Costa. The latter says she is “super happy” that he was entitled to a new second chance. “He deserves it, since the beginning of the adventure, he has only worked, only progressed”, explains the 25-year-old singer met backstage a few moments later. The one that the public discovered all pitchoune in 2008 in France has an unbelievable talent does not lack experience, but she claims to have “the impression of rediscovering things” and still learning about herself. “I was always in the same box, that of singer with voice, or box, as they say. With The Voice, I approach things differently, working more on interpretation and emotion. »

A few moments later, it’s still a song that has nothing to whisper that Caroline Costa will take on the stage: Without You by Badfinger, but Mariah Carey version. “Mark [Lavoine] went to bed at 3 a.m., poor thing, to build a big list of potential songs. That one, I hadn’t thought of, but it was obvious, ”she confides.

“The choice of titles is tripartite. It involves the talent, the coach and me, explains Pascal Guix. For each, we tried to find a title that speaks to them, that has a personal resonance. “Mister Mat, he opted for When the music is good by Jean-Jacques Goldman. “I didn’t go on that one, specifies the musician. When Vianney offered it to me, I said: “I don’t believe it…”. But the “challenge” and the “risk-taking” were too tempting.

“I looked at “The Voice” with an almost condescending eye”

Don’t believe that his 43 years and his nice end of career which led him as well in the first part of Alain Bashung as on the set of Taratata help her deal with the pressure. “At each stage, I said to myself: ‘I’m going to experience this stress again? Will my body hold out?’ he smiles. He admits to having been “afraid of hurting himself” by embarking on The Voice. “I’ve never watched this show and when someone told me about it, I thought it wasn’t for me. I looked at her with an almost condescending eye, ”says the quadra, delighted that the sequence of events has made him lie. He claims to have “rarely experienced something so benevolent. »

Nevertheless, he has “the willies”: “I may even have more pressure than the little 16-year-old who comes with her relaxation and her naturalness. A description that corresponds in all respects to that of Nour. We find the teenager during a final detour to the set rehearsing Shallow by Lady Gaga. She saved her voice at the start of the week, on the advice of her coach Florent Pagny. For the moment, she is holding the sheet of lyrics in her hand and is content with a reel of the other arm to signify that she has planned some vibes. On Saturday, his voice and his effects will be there, as well as Vike, who rehearsed after we left the studio.

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