HYBE Says LE SSERAFIM's Kim Garam Wouldn't Use Physical Violence Despite Level 5 Reprimand - K-GEN

HYBE Says LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam Wouldn’t Use Physical Violence Despite Level 5 Reprimand – K-GEN

HYBE tries to explain itself again regarding the Kim Garam case.

Before the debut of LE SSERAFIM, the young singer had been the target of rumors according to which she was guilty of school harassment when she was younger. However, the rumors were denied by HYBE, who announced that she was innocent and that it was she who had actually been the victim of school bullying, and that strong legal measures were being implemented to punish people at school. source of these rumours.

On May 15, new accusations had been made, and Source Music had announced that the truth would be restored following its legal actions.

A few days ago, the Daeryun law firm representing the alleged victim reiterated the charges, and also accused HYBE of lying, but HYBE countered by refuting the charges, announcing that the agency would soon give its version of the facts, a version of the facts that was revealed the next day.

However, HYBE’s statements caused a huge wave of skepticism, especially because of a very important point.

Kim Garam received a level 5 reprimand for this story, which is also the highest grade for a middle school student (the scale extends to 9 from high school). According to netizens’ research, level 4 reprimand (less than that given to Kim Garam) corresponds to “forcing a student to smoke and hitting him”. It should be noted that during quarrels between students, for example, the violence committee is not called upon and that a judgment on the part of the committee only intervenes in the event of harassment and violence, it is a measure disciplinary.

According to other research, students who would have received a level 5 reprimand are the culprits of sexual assaults on another student. Suffice to say, everyone finds it hard to believe that Kim Garam could have received such significant reprimand without any physical violence being involved.

According to the Ministry of Education, a rank 5 reprimand corresponds to “an action taken when it appears that community service will not be sufficient to make the student feel remorse for their own actions, and to reform their mindset about violence and make them reflect on their actions with the help from a professional.”

Most instances of school violence fall between level 1 to 3 reprimands, even when physical violence is employed, so it is extremely unusual to see a level 5 reprimand given if no physical violence is involved. to deplore.

On May 21, HYBE then said: “A rank 5 reprimand in the disciplinary action was issued even though there was no physical violence.”

The company continued: “As far as we know, School Violence Committees are held differently depending on the subject, school, district and members, because it is not a court of law.”

HYBE then explained: “At the time, Kim Garam’s mother thought the school had made the best decision to help her daughter, so she did not appeal the decision. Now, Kim Garam’s mother deeply regrets not challenging the level of blame the committee’s disciplinary action placed on her daughter and simply accepting it. But at the time, she thought it was the best way to educate her daughter.”

For the time being, LE SSERAFIM will continue its activities with 5 members without Kim Garam.

Source: edaily

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