Formula 1 |  Mercedes F1: Technical director Elliott is delighted with the developments of the W13

Formula 1 | Mercedes F1: Technical director Elliott is delighted with the developments of the W13

Miami’s upgrades for Mercedes (new fins) hadn’t really changed the situation in terms of porpoising. Those of Barcelona (pontoons and flat bottom) on the contrary, seem to have a certain efficiency: the times improve in free practice and especially the porpoising seems to be greatly reduced.

Lewis Hamilton has already praised the Mercedes engineers for their hard work.

Mike Elliott, the technical director, confirms: Mercedes has taken a step forward.

“After Miami, we looked at the data and tried to figure out what happened between Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and a few clues came out. »

“The package we’ve brought here…we’re certainly able to run the car much closer to its optimum operating window, so there’s a loss of downforce which we can avoid with the more appropriate ride height. and the car is much more stable. »

Mercedes’ progress has a direct influence on the body language of its drivers, continues the technical director. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are much less tense!

“The drivers look happy now. The body language coming from them says they smell like a car that looks a bit more like a race car, but until we get into qualifying and the race it’s hard to know where we are . »

So will Mercedes continue with its zero pontoon concept? It will depend on the Barcelona weekend without a doubt.

“As for the overall concept of the car, it is still a bit early to tell. We’ve changed the car so much for this weekend that we have to figure out how to get the most out of it. »

“We have to figure out how much extra lap time she can go for, and then assess whether we think that’s the best direction for development. »

“But there is a budget cap that we face, and as a result of that you have to make good decisions about what we do for the rest of this year, but also what we do for next year. »

For Lewis Hamilton in particular, who seemed almost dejected after a few races, this return of Mercedes, if confirmed, would only be a just reward for Elliott.

“I guess we all have expectations, including the drivers, and we would have hoped not to be in the position that we find ourselves in at the start of the season, and that has been difficult for the whole team. »

“What happened at the end of last season was tough for Lewis, and to see him come back and run with us the way he does is brilliant. He has a teammate who is not easy to beat with George and that’s great for the team. »

“If you look at the first five races, unfortunately Lewis had some bad luck with the safety car. »

“But for the future, I couldn’t dream of two better drivers. They really help us develop the car and move it in the right direction. »

“If we can give them a car they can compete with, I’m sure they’ll both push really hard, and hopefully Lewis can win another championship. »

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