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Florent Pagny weakened by cancer: this radical decision which involves his family

Last January, the coach of “The Voice” worried his fans and his family by announcing that he had lung cancer. Faced with this, the singer was forced to undergo treatment. A few months after undergoing chemotherapy, Florent Pagny is fine. However, he had to make complicated choices like canceling his tour and moving away from his parents.

Florent Pagny: A new look

Since the announcement of his lung cancer, Florent Pagny has chained chemotherapy sessions. The treatment worked. That said, there were side effects and according to the words of the principal concerned in the columns of the magazine Gala Thursday, May 12, 2022, it is not funny.

“I had pure chemo, the one that castagne, accompanied by rays: heartache for twelve days! You know, the seasickness you get after you’ve been on dry land for a week. The first two, they were easier combining chemo and immunotherapy, ”he admitted.

Florent Pagny responded well to the treatments so much so that doctors used radiation and harsher chemo. Anyone who is used to extravagant looks was nevertheless forced to adopt a new look. He had to shave his head and gradually his beard. The singer has become unrecognizable.

“I have no more hair, no more beard, no more eyebrows. I assume my head even if I will put glasses (during the premiums of The Voice, editor’s note) because of the fall of my eyelashes which really makes me look sick, but the rest, I manage. What do you want, I’ve always worked on all the looks, here I’m going to the extreme! (Laughs) It’s the purest! After The Voice, I go on with my last chemo, and after that, it’s over! “, did he declare.

He moved away from his parents

Faced with what he endures, the coach of “The Voice” can count on his family, namely his wife Azucena Caamaño and his daughter Aël. As for his parents, Florent Pagny dissuaded them from coming to see him in the hospital or at his home during chemotherapy.

If he made this decision, it was to save his loved ones from “stress, fatigue and sadness”. The father of the family does not want his parents to see him weakened by illness. However, once he feels better, the singer will go visit his parents.

Florent Pagny: A difficult childhood

Behind this act, we could deduce that Florent Pagny wants at all costs to prevent his family from suffering. Very close to them, he wanted only the best for his parents from a young age. Moreover, when his parents went through a bad patch in his adolescence, the coach of “The Voice” found odd jobs to help them with the bill.

He even goes so far as to ask the Salvation Army for help when his family is ruined. During an interview granted to Europe 1 in 2021, he confessed:

“They can allow people who don’t have the means, like us, to still be able to stay with accommodation. Finally, my first foster home was the Salvation Army in Ménilmontant. »

Despite everything, Florent Pagny never admitted defeat. He decided to take his destiny into his own hands and traveled to Paris with his backpack and worked for restaurants and businesses. A few years later, he met Dominique Besnehard, a French film producer and actor.

Early career as an actor

Dominique spotted him when he was a bartender. This one then offers him a role for the film of Jean-Jacques Beineix “Diva” in 1981. The audition will not succeed. Other opportunities presented themselves, however. Indeed, Florent Pagny met Marceline Lenoir, who will become his agent.

His career as an actor began. The sexagenarian has been seen in many films such as “La Balance”, “L’As des aces”, “L’Honneur d’un captain”, “Fort Saganne”, “Inspecteur la bavure”, “Les Surdoués de la first company” or even “La Chaîne”.

The singer has also appeared on small screens. He notably collaborated on the musical “Télé folies tous en Chaîne” as well as television films such as “La Nuit du coucou” or “La Chaîne”, and the series “La Vie de François Villon” which was unfinished.

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