Ethereum 2.0 soon in place: The Merge event in test on June 8

Ethereum 2.0 soon in place: The Merge event in test on June 8

The Merge soon on the mainnet? – The Ethereum network is about to experience a major update by changing its consensus mechanism. Thus, the network is about to pass Proof of Work (PoW) at Proof of Stake (PoS), in an update titled The Merge.

A testnet for The Merge planned for June

The network Ethereum is expected to transition to Proof of Stake in the current year. While waiting for its final deployment on the mainnet, the developers multiply the tests in order to prove the system.

Ethereum the merge, the long-awaited update by the ecosystem should be deployed this year

Earlier this month, the developers tested the transition on several shadow forks. As a reminder, a shadow fork is an exact copy of the Ethereum network, faithfully reproducing its history and state.

Now, the update is about to roll out to various Ethereum testnets. Indeed, the deployment of The Merge is set to hit the Robsten testnet on June 8.

The information was disclosed by Parathi Jayanathia DevOps engineer working on Ethereum, in his latest pull request Github.

For their part, the various teams working on Ethereum clients must finalize the implementation of the latest specifications, before the deployment of The Merge on Robsten.

June 2022 was once the hoped-for release date for The Merge. However, the developers have seen fit to push its rollout to the second half of 2022. This allows them to continue testing the update.

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The Ethereum Foundation inflates the rewards of its bug bounty program

Faced with the arrival of The Merge, the Ethereum Foundation (FE) wishes to ensure that no bug will tarnish the long-awaited transition to Proof of Stake.

Thus, the FE announced a revision of its program of bug bounty. As a reminder, a bug bounty refers to the rewards offered to developers who identify bugs.

“As the execution layer and the consensus layer are increasingly interconnected, it is increasingly useful to combine the security efforts of these layers. Unifying the bounty program will increase visibility and coordination of vulnerability identification and remediation efforts. »

In addition to merging its bug bounty programs, the Ethereum Foundation has increased the maximum reward to $250,000,payable in ETH or DAI“.

In addition, the Foundation doubles the rewards as part of the updates tested on the testnets before their final deployment. Thus, this increases the maximum reward to $500,000. As often, the amount of the reward will depend on the severity of the bug identified.

Faced with the arrival of Proof of Stake, miners only have a few months left to make the most of mining on Ethereum. Good news for the latter, NiceHash has recently succeeded in circumventing the restriction put in place by Nvidia on its graphics cards.

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