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Zacharie and Constance are not having an affair, but Charlène misunderstands their relationship! And Louis plays with the feelings of Salome (Summary and spoilers episode n° 406 ITC)

“Here it all begins” preview, detailed summary and spoilers for episode 406 of Tuesday, May 24, 2022 of ITC. In your daily series, Charlène overhears a message and misunderstands her mother’s relationship with Zacharie. At the salt marshes, a romantic surprise awaits Theo. In the kitchen, Louis takes pleasure in playing with Salomé’s feelings.


here everything starts in advance of May 24, 2022 News Actual
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The summary of Here it all begins Monday, May 23, 2022 is also online. Good reading.


Here it all begins Summary of episode 406 of Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Célia prepares a three-star surprise for Théo

When he wakes up, Theo kisses Célia like every morning before getting up. A certain routine has settled in their great couple, to the chagrin of the young woman. Célia thinks it’s important to keep a little mystery and magic, otherwise life is sad. But Théo does not understand what Célia expects of him. After their serve at double A, Célia explains to Théo that she would like to be surprised by something out of everyday life. Theo manages to turn the situation around and suggests that the young woman suggest something. Célia lets him believe that she is teeming with ideas and asks him to hang on because he is going to travel. In fact, she has none. But it is while discussing later with Ambre that the inspiration comes to her.

At the salt marshes, Théo joins Célia at the end of the day, who has prepared an incredible romantic surprise for him: A four-poster bed for a night under the stars as well as a table set for two with a seafood platter and Champagne. Théo is impressed and then explores the possibilities of this four-poster bed with Célia.


Louis plays with Salome’s feelings

Antoine meets Axel and Jasmine and approaches the young student. He learned that his parents were going to be released pending trial. Jasmine does not know when they will be tried and confides to Antoine that she will only be really reassured once her parents are imprisoned. The young woman then tells Antoine that she no longer wants to have any contact with them. Axel takes advantage of Antoine’s presence to ask him if he can attend the course again as a free listener. The principal is not against it and explains to Axel that he will still have to discuss it with his uncle. Axel assures Antoine that his uncle is not against it and that he was on the verge of reconsidering his decision the other day. Antoine imagines that Axel would like to start over today and notices that there is only one niche to which Axel could fit in, that of the Louis Guinot course. Axel decides to take it upon himself, and promises Antoine not to retaliate if Louis humiliates him.

Antoine warns Louis that Axel is coming back to attend classes as a free listener. Louis accepts that Teyssier’s nephew attends his class. He takes malicious pleasure in playing with Salomé’s feelings, and puts Axel in a pair with Jasmine. Salomé has trouble hiding her jealousy.

Constance and Zacharie are not having an affair

The atmosphere is icy at the Teyssiers at breakfast. Constance receives a message from Zacharie who wants to speak to her. She doesn’t answer him. A bit jealous, Emmanuel asks his wife if it’s a secret admirer who writes to him. Constance lies to her husband and claims that he is the director of the Institute of Osteopathy in Montpellier. Emmanuel regrets that his wife still decided to send his application despite what they had said to each other. Constance asks her husband to concentrate on his masterclass which starts today and to let her manage her life. But Emmanuel points out to his wife that he is not only her husband, but also her boss, and explains to her dryly that having a part-time nurse is of moderate interest to her. Constance therefore suggests that her husband send her away. Charlène can’t stand their repeated arguments any longer and tells her parents that they are unbearable. She thinks that one of the two must make an effort and warns them that she will not support this atmosphere any longer.

At the institute, Théo meets his father and Charlène. He takes the opportunity to talk with them about the atmosphere that currently reigns at home. Charlène explains to her father that she was serious at breakfast. Besides, she thinks it’s up to him to make an effort. Théo agrees with his sister and points out to his father that if he had supported Constance from the start in her retraining project, they wouldn’t be there. Emmanuel reminds his children that their mother has a job and that the students need her. Charlène explains to her father that Constance will find a way to combine her job and her studies. But Teyssier has already discussed it with his wife and believes he does not need to justify himself in front of his children. Theo thinks that what really bothers his father is that Constance takes flight and is no longer too available to him. Besides, he knows that Zacharie revolves around his mother. Teyssier affirms to his son that his mother has nothing to do with Landiras and that it is he whom she loves. Theo tries to make his father realize that if he continues to treat his mother like a bitch, she might be tempted to cheat on him.

Zacharie informs Mehdi that he has decided to apply for the regional selections of the national pastry championship. He wants to set up a team and would like Mehdi to become his second. The goal is for them to work together, him, Mehdi and Célia. He indeed proposed to the young woman to join his team and she accepted. Zacharie is confident. He thinks they will win the regional competition and if this is indeed the case, they will leave this summer to Chef Delobel for the national competition. Chef Teyssier joins them and explains to Mehdi that everyone is waiting for him. Zacharie understands that Mehdi has registered for the masterclass. As Mehdi will not be able to do both, he offers Emmanuel to let their student choose. Zacharie convinces Mehdi that such an opportunity will never come again. Teyssier is annoyed and assures his student that he is making a huge mistake.

Constance finds Zacharie a little later in the park. She explains to him that she got his messages and that it was difficult to answer him because she was with the family. Zacharie would like them to talk about the fact that they almost kissed. Constance explains to Zacharie that she cannot throw herself into his arms just because her relationship is going through a complicated period. Zacharie has the impression that she has not been happy with her husband for a while. He doesn’t want to be pushy or pressure her. This is why Zacharie will wait for him as long as necessary. Constance thanks Zacharie for understanding her.

Hortense, Enzo, Charlène and Greg signed up for Chef Teyssier’s masterclass. This one revisited the great classics of French pastry. The students are impressed by his work. But Teyssier sees Constance and Zacharie in the distance. Their proximity has not escaped the students either, and in particular a student who reflects on this subject to Enzo. Teyssier fires her immediately from her masterclass.

Constance goes to the office a little later to check the list of orders for the infirmary. Teyssier explains to his wife that his whole masterclass has seen her and Zacharie talking and asks her what she’s playing. Constance reiterates to her husband that nothing is happening between them. Teyssier implies that Zacharie is interested in Constance because he is in rivalry with him. Constance regrets that her husband cannot imagine that Zacharie really likes her and admits to him that it is not unpleasant to be seen for once. Teyssier asks his wife to stop turning on Zacharie and go back to her place, next to him. Teyssier demands that his wife mark the distance with Landiras now. But Constance replies that the time when he decided for her is over.

The relationship between Constance and Zacharie becomes increasingly questionable in the eyes of Charlene. Tormented, the young woman decides to talk to her mother about it face to face. Constance assures her that nothing happens between her and Zacharie. She recognizes that he and Landiras got closer and explains to her daughter that she needed to talk to someone. Charlene is dubious because their discussion in the park did not resemble a discussion between friends. Constance tries to reassure her daughter and assures her that they are only friends. But their discussion is interrupted by the arrival of Greg who has shoulder pain. While Constance is tending to Greg, her phone begins to vibrate. Charlene glances at the screen. Constance has received messages from Zacharie in which he writes to her that he can’t wait to see her. He also gives her an appointment at the salt marshes the next day at 1 p.m. Zacharie hopes she will find an excuse. Charlene leaves the infirmary, slamming the door.

Charlène misunderstands the relationship between her mother and Zacharie and later tearfully confides in Louis. The young woman cannot believe that her mother can destroy her family and have nothing to do with it. Louis points out to Charlene that her father isn’t all white in this story and points out how he’s been treating Constance for some time. Charlène admits that her father is making no effort and regrets that he does not see that his couple is exploding. Louis thinks Teyssier needs a shock if he doesn’t want to lose his wife for good. He believes that Charlene has no choice and that she must tell her father everything.

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