Tomorrow belongs to us (spoilers): George identifies a new suspect in Louise's murder, and not just anyone

Tomorrow belongs to us (spoilers): George identifies a new suspect in Louise’s murder, and not just anyone

On May 20 in Tomorrow belongs to us (TF1, 7:10 p.m.), Victoire and Samuel test themselves, Brunet makes the Moreno bend and George suspects Vanessa of being the serial killer …

In the episode of tomorrow belongs to us from Friday, May 20, 2022, Victoire (Solène Hébert) announces to Samuel (Axel Kiener) that she has decided to support Nicolas during his first shift. Aware that she is trying to make him jealous, Samuel feigns indifference and congratulates her on her benevolence towards Nicolas. Later, Victoire surprises her boyfriend flirting with Gina, a patient who has become a friend. Jealous, Victoire interrupts them and reminds Samuel that they were supposed to have lunch together. Nonchalantly, the latter admits to him that he had forgotten and planned something else. Later, at the Spoon, Victoire recounts her morning to Soraya (Kenza-Saïb-Couton). She is convinced that Samuel understood that she was trying to make him jealous and tries to do so in return. At the same time, the doctor pushes the door of the restaurant accompanied by Gina. When Victoire confronts him, Samuel explains to her that his meeting with Gina is professional. She explains that she wants to have her breasts redone. And since Samuel knows women very well, she decided to ask his opinion. Irritated, Victoire returns to sit with Soraya.

After lunch, Samuel confides in William (Kamel Belghazi) that he asked Gina to help him make Victoire jealous. William does not fully understand his friend’s methods, but Samuel is sure of himself. The more Victoire is jealous, the more she will be afraid of losing him and the more she will love him. He is unaware, however, that his girlfriend has more than one trick up her sleeve. In the evening, Victoire talks to Samuel about Gina and suggests that they form a free couple. Immediately, Samuel’s jealousy resurfaces. He accuses his companion of using Gina as a pretext to be able to sleep with Nicolas. Amused to see Samuel so jealous, Victoire admits to him that she was joking…

Brunet bends the Morenos, George identifies a new suspect

The Morenos are depressed. Now that Brunet (Farouk Bermouga) is aware that Sylvain (Arnaud Henriet) stole an ingot during the Spoon hostage-taking, they are convinced that they will lose everything. Charlie (Clémence Lassalas), she does not want to let things go and decides to turn Brunet’s blackmail against him. She gives him an appointment at 5 p.m. Once there, Brunet is jubilant. He knows that the Morenos can’t do anything against him and that they could lose everything if he told the truth. Constrained and forced, Christelle (Ariane Séguillon) and Sylvain agree to give him back his house and part of their fortune. In the evening, the Moreno gather around a dish of pasta shells. Charlie is down, but Sylvain puts things into perspective. In life, you have to find a goal. And if he has to get out of his van to become a plumber again, he will.

The elements against Tristan (Mathieu Alexandre) accumulate. Not only was digitalis found in his car, but he had a relationship with one of the victims, Gaëlle Richet, just before she was killed. Responsible for defending him, Raphaëlle (Jennifer Lauret) asks him to tell her the truth, but Tristan continues to deny. According to him, someone placed vials of digitalis and tiger rose petals in his car to trap him. Although everything accuses Tristan, Martin (Franck Monsigny) is not sure of his guilt. So far, the Tiger Rose Killer has been methodical. He would find it strange if he made such a big mistake as leaving digitalis in his car. The Commander suggests further investigation to find the real copycat.

At the funeral of Louise (Alexandra Naoum)Bart (Hector Langevin) reads a text in his homage before collapsing in the arms of Anna (Maud Baecker). After the ceremony, Vanessa (Victoire Dauxerre) goes to see Bart and offers to find someone to replace him for a while. Bart is grateful, but he has no intention of stopping working. He needs it to keep moving forward. He takes the opportunity to thank her for her help. Since Louise’s death, she has been a great support to her. At the police station, Nordine (Youcef Agal) goes through the letters from admirers sent to Loïc Mercier. He hopes to find the profile of the copycat there. In the pile of letters, George (Mayel Elhajaou) finds one signed Alice Reynie. Having an intuition, he enters this name in the processing of criminal records and makes the link with… Vanessa.


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