The Senegalese Federation violently attacks the FFF and denounces "institutionalized harassment"

The Senegalese Federation violently attacks the FFF and denounces “institutionalized harassment”

In a vitriolic press release published late Thursday evening, the FSF takes up the cause of the Senegalese international midfielder Paris Saint-Germain, under fire from critics since last Saturday.

When ethics are based on hypotheticals and diktat, individual freedom is at risk“. The Senegalese Football Federation (FSF) does not go with the back of the spoon in a press release published late Thursday evening. Press release which aims to provide frank and massive support to Idrissa Gueye, the PSG player who refused to play last Sunday in Montpellier as part of a day placed under the sign of the fight against homophobia. And to severely tackle the French Federation (FFF), which invited the African champion to justify himself through his National Council of Ethics. A letter that the FSF says it welcomed “with great surprise (and great concern about the treatment of certain players who are mainly of African origin, let’s say it clearly).»

Remember that Gana, 32, was part of the Parisian group for this match of the 37th day of L1. In perfect health, he was however not on the match sheet. Mauricio Pochettino spoke of “personal reasonsto discuss this crime and many sources quickly indicated that it was linked to religious beliefs, even if the person concerned has not (yet?) expressed himself.

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Are we really in this France that we were told and told about in our schools, the one whose motto is freedom, fraternity and equality for all?

Press release from the Senegalese Football Federation (FSF)

Criticizing the illegality of the FFF’s approach, the FSF believes that its request amounts to “compel the player to do what his free will inclines him to do“. “Are we really in this France that we were told and told about in our schools, the one whose motto is freedom, fraternity and equality for all? How can a body that claims to promote ethics in Football be based on speculation to address a person to urge him to express himself and even worse to display himself with the jersey in LGBTQI + colors to put an end to said speculation? ?“, we wonder, believing that “this recalls those practices of another time in school classrooms where to punish the rebellious pupil, the master or the professor put him to the torture of humiliation in front of his other classmates for the sanction as well as for the example“.

The Senegalese Federation also accuses in substance the French authorities (and the media) of attacking, without proof, its player, seeing it purely and simply as characterized racism. “If there is someone who needs to clarify his situation or make amends, it is not Idrissa Gana Guéye but Mr Patrice Anton of the FFF’s National Ethics Council who is not content to look for smoke there. nya point de feu is caught in the act of veiled threats and discriminatory remarks against a professional player whose only fault is not having played a championship match, which moreover until further information is a common occurrence and only concerns relations between the latter and his employing club“, we continue, affirming a “solidarity“flawless in the Parisian environment and”reserving the right to seize the competent international bodies in the field of sport or human rights so that what looks like institutionalized harassment ceases“. Vibe…

The CUP with Gueye too

Earlier Thursday, it was the Collectif Ultras Paris which had given its support to Gana Gueye, speaking “excessive media accusations” in a statement and recalling thateach person is still free to support the causes of their choice in the way that suits them“. The Senegalese president had also sided with the ex-Lillois, who is preparing for the reception of Metz on Saturday. In France, many voices were raised to denounce this package last Sunday in the Hérault, and the PSG, visibly embarrassed by the situation, does not seem willing to defend its player.


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