the phoenix Jeff Reine-Adelaide wants to rise from its ashes

the phoenix Jeff Reine-Adelaide wants to rise from its ashes

Jeff Reine-Adelaide wants to make up for lost time. For almost two years, he was deprived of what he loves most in the world, namely playing football. Blame it on two serious knee injuries. The first took place on December 15, 2019 on the occasion of the reception of Rennes. Victim of a rupture of the cruciate ligament of the right knee, the Frenchman had been stopped in full swing, just like his teammate Memphis Depay, who had suffered the same injury to the left knee during this meeting. After fighting and supporting each other, the two men made their comeback during the Final 8.

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Two serious injuries

A few weeks later, JRA, treated incomprehensibly by Rudi Garcia, left OL to join Nice on loan. But the former Angers player was once again slowed down by a cruciate ligament rupture on February 3, 2021 during the derby against Monaco. Unfortunately, it was his left knee that was affected this time. A terrible blow for the Frenchman, who had worked so hard to come back. If he confessed in an interview granted to The Team that stopping everything had crossed his mind, Reine-Adelaïde did not let go and went back to work without flinching.

Mentally stronger now, he returned to competition on February 12 with the OL reserve. Then, Peter Bosz made him enter 8 minutes against Lorient on March 4th. Since then, the Dutch technician has continued to integrate it smoothly. He thus played ten matches in all competitions. All as substitutes. What the 24-year-old can understand, since OL were playing big during the end of the season. But JRA also wants to bring to his team, he who has the fangs after two difficult years.

A smooth return

“The lack of rhythm means that I may have been apprehensive. At first it was a bit tricky. I come out of a period with two cruciate ligament injuries. But over time, I feel better and better. I give up on training. In a match, I no longer have apprehension. I have to fill in the gaps. (…) Today for me to find my level at some point, I have to play. The coach will decide if I play or not. But I will give everything I have to be as efficient as possible. (…) Of course, as a competitor I want to play as often as possible. But it’s been a tough year for everyone.”.

He pursues : “We had some difficult matches when I came back. The coach tries to put me in the best conditions for me to flourish on the pitch. The rest will be the end of the season and next year. (…) But it was two very complicated years. I’ve had the crusaders twice. I haven’t had a vacation for a long time. Having a little will do you good. But I still have the recovery in my head, I have to arrive with a cool head.. Just to be ready to give your all to finally get everyone to agree at OL.

JRA wants to win at OL

Because JRA’s plan is to continue in Lyon next year as explained on our site a few days ago and confirmed by the player at a press conference. “Become one of OL’s executives? I do not know. I hope to be part of this project. I want it. I feel good in this group. I hope to bring my stone to the building next year”. And he will have to fight all the more as the competition will be fierce. “No, I don’t need guarantees. I like the competition and the challenge. There’s a lot of competition here this season and next too. But it allows me to be better and to surpass myself. It’s good, it doesn’t scare me”.

Sure of his strengths and his qualities, the new JRA is ready to start off on the right foot between Rhône and Saône where he wants to convince the supporters, who did not appreciate his remarks before his loan to Nice. “Yes, it is true that there was a departure and a misunderstanding from the public. These were strong words. I was young, I think at times I misspoke. At no time was it against the club or the supporters. I think everyone understood where we were coming from.”. Everyone also understood today what their ambitions are for next year. More than ever ready to make up for lost time, Jeff Reine-Adelaïde is hungry like a lion! Good news for Les Gones.

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