season 4 completely spoiled by Monopoly, Netflix and the disgusted Duffer brothers

season 4 completely spoiled by Monopoly, Netflix and the disgusted Duffer brothers

While the Duffer brothers and Netflix have prepared plenty of surprises for season 4 of Stranger ThingsMonopoly made a big mess and spoiled everything.

The fourth season of Stranger Things is about to make its big comeback on Netflix after three years of waiting, an eternity in the world of series. Very successful, the first season aroused a real enthusiasm, which was confirmed with the following two seasons, also very popular even if their quality was not up to the first. With its fourth season which promises to be quite substantial, certain episodes of Stranger Things will be long (very long) and should even be horrific, fan hype is at its peak (especially after the first positive reviews of season 4 of Stranger Things).

And as the series has had a huge success, since the broadcast of the first season in 2016, many derivative products have emerged. There have been novels, comics, all sorts of character merchandising, but also board games. After seeing his world added to Dungeons & Dragons, Stranger Things also joined the Monopoly universe with several board games. But disaster the new version of the game, the one that takes into account the events of season 4, has leaked and spoiled the series.

Stranger ThingsWinona RyderIt’s the drama in the Netflix Villa

While it’s not uncommon for an actor or crew member to spoil their live-action television series, the actress of Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown with a loose tongue has also repeatedly come close to the spoiler, seeing the major intrigues of her series disclosed by a board game looks like a bad joke. Probably in a moment of bewilderment, copies of the new game have been posted online and therefore purchased by some consumers.

As one can easily suspect, The information quickly circulated on social networks, especially on Reddit, with many photos of the shamelessly spoiling game. So it seems obvious that the game was supposed to come out after season 4 aired and that a dump was made somewhere in the production loop.

Stranger Things: photo, Sadie SinkThe Duffer brothers in mourning after the spoilers

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Duffer brothers were completely disgusted when they heard the news, especially since according to a media source, they were not consulted about the game. This case therefore also raises the problem of the control of the creators, who can see their work escape them in a snap of their fingers. If the person responsible for the leak has not been confirmed, THR reported that publicity images of the new game are available on eBay.

If you don’t want the major plot elements of Season 4 revealed to you, then we advise you to stay away from Reddit. The new adventures of young teenagers are to be discovered May 27, 2022 on Netflix. The second part of the series will be broadcast on the following July 1st.


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