Passive income in one click?  UniCrypt makes DeFi easy for you

Passive income in one click? UniCrypt makes DeFi easy for you

Journey to the heart of the DeFi – Decentralized finance can be complex to understand. The profusion of protocols and services sometimes constitutes an obstacle for the investor who wishes to conquer DeFi, without wasting his time … and his money. UniCrypt was therefore born to answer this problem. With 1.2 million monthly users and a customer base of around 20,000 projects, Unicrypt intends to continue to develop with the release of its next products. Presentation.

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UniCrypt: a space of trust on DeFi

The French-speaking protocol therefore offers you direct and simplified access to DeFi. A decentralized platform created in 2020, all the ingredients are there to bring you passive income opportunities: Liquidity mining, staking, farming, launchpad… However, if we examine the recurring disadvantages of these protocols, one of the most difficult reliability remains. Indeed, many projects with multiple cryptocurrencies are born every day. Sometimes from real strokes of genius, often projects doomed to failure. A lack of guarantees that can prevent investors from embarking on the DeFi revolution.

unifier, UniCrypt intends to secure and take its users into the wonderful world of passive income. How ? By offering on its platform reliable embryonic projects that deserve the trust of investors. A feat authorized by the procedure called “liquidity locking”. Companies that accept it block funds over a given time. Thus, they prove the honesty of their intentions as well as the reliability of their project. Of course, the use of such a service does not constitute a complete guarantee as to the intentions of the creators of the protocol. On the other hand, it helps to reassure thanks to the immutable nature of blockchain transactions.

Thus, liquidity locking allows projects that use UniCrypt to show their credentials. It should be recalled that these block these funds via smart contracts. UniCrypt customers are not pre-screened and freely offer their products to the community. It is still up to you to do your own research and consistently practice what the cryptosphere calls DYOR (Doh Ybear Own Research, do your own research).

UniCrypt App Dashboard

The heart of DeFi in a single platform

UniCrypt therefore offers a wide range of DeFi services in order to access passive income on alpha projects. It combines two fundamental aspects for yield hunters: the protection of capital combined with decentralized and profitable financial systems applied to these carefully selected nuggets that are still emerging.

Projects commit financially to protect their community

UniCrypt therefore allows companies developing their project to provide guarantees to create a climate of trust between them and investors.

  • Liquidity locking : As we mentioned, this service allows projects to block liquidities to give a guarantee of solvency and stability to future investors. At this time, approximately 500 million dollars are “locked” on UniCrypt. Capital that can be consulted at any time via DeFi Llama.
  • Token vesting : Each project has the opportunity to decide the rate at which its native tokens will be released. Thus, cryptocurrencies are only available at the deadlines determined by the smart contract. Users thus gain real visibility to implement their investment strategy with full knowledge of the facts.

UniCrypt thus offers DeFi returns on committed projects

Thanks to this security, many investors have already bet on certain projects that offer them sometimes very attractive rewards.

Many DeFi protocols allow revenue to be generated in various ways to accumulate cryptocurrencies from nascent blockchain projects
Unicrypt offers many DeFi services
  • Liquidity mining : Participation in liquidity pools allows UniCrypt users to earn passive income in exchange for locked-in capital.
  • Staking : UniCrypt offers the infrastructure that allows users to participate in securing various projects by locking their tokens associated with the protocols they support! Again, this approach generates rewards from the projects.
  • Launch pad : UniCrypt also offers a launch pad for new projects. This service named Initial Liquidity Offering allows users to participate with their own cash in the projects they wish to support. And entering projects from their very first steps has often been synonymous with significant benefits.

An ecosystem that enhances your portfolio

To operate under good conditions, the protocol UniCrypt offers two native corners, the two lungs of its ecosystem. On the one hand the UNCX, the governance token. It offers decision-making power to its holders and can itself be staked in order to share a portion of company revenue, paid in USDC.

On the other hand, the UNCL, the utility token. It rewards users who UNCX stake and allows less frequent users of the platform to access a number of services by ‘burning’ UNCL tokens. Indeed, to support its price, the quantity of UNCL in circulation is subject to a burnout mechanism. A process related to the various launchpad projects.

Staking and yields of the UNCX token

Staking UNCX also allows you to benefit from a significant return. Passive income representing up to 48% of your investment over one year (the staking pools are divided into tiers, direct access to the gate for more info. A flexible offer that allows you to choose the locking period of your tokens. Thus, the platform allows you to gain a foothold in DeFi as in the blockchain ecosystem without making a mistake.

Originally on Ethereum, the UniCrypt protocol has been able to extend to other blockchains such as BSC, Gnosis, Avalanche or Polygon. Versatile platform, Swiss army knife of DeFi, the UniCrypt protocol offers a wide range of DeFi services. From developers to investors, UniCrypt brings together all the beneficiaries of decentralized finance. The company, having so far offered services around DeFi/security and liquidity topics, is now opening up to a new market after revealing an upcoming DEX (decentralized exchange) It’s up to you try it, and why not adopt it!

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