Pascal Obispo : sa femme Julie fait une déclaration fracassante et sème le chaos sur la Toile !

Pascal Obispo evokes this illness from which his friend Nikos Aliagas suffers

Pascal Obispo does not know how to lie. When he has a problem to solve, he does not take tweezers. And there, it is Nikos Aliagas who worries him!

Did Pascal Obispo say too much or not enough?

When we discovered the trailer for the eleventh installment of The Voice, we rub our hands. Indeed, the quartet Florent Pagny, Amel Bent, Vianney and Marc Lavoine is back. It was not easy to manage the red chair after geniuses like Pascal Obispo. However, the public did not know that the shooting turned sour. Rest assured, the performance of the candidates is absolutely not in question. Between the pregnancy of one and the cancer of the other, the production was really afraid of having to cancel everything.

Screenshot (c) The Voice (c) TF1

A week after the broadcast of the first episode, the singer of Know how to love dot the I’s. Yes, he does have a tumor in his lungs. So, because of the chemotherapy sessions, he is keen to warn his admirers that his look may change between blind auditions and battles. It will be understood, it is obvious. No matter the outcome, this season will forever be etched in our memories as the most epic!

The absence of Nikos Aliagas upsets viewers

A few hours before the semi-final, Nikos Aliagas calls TF1. Without being told exactly what he has, an official press release creates chaos on the Web. For the only time in several decades, he will not put on his master of ceremonies costume. Anxious to preserve his intimacy, he nevertheless aims to appease his fans. ” Thank you for your warm words! Don’t worry, nothing serious! » Using the card of humor and the second degree, it relaxes the atmosphere. Will he achieve this without leaving feathers? “Tonight I’m obviously watching The Voice live for the first time in my life. ! »

And who better than Alessandra Sublet to take control of tele-hook? After three seasons, the one who has an incredible complicity with the imitator Nicolas Canteloup has just announced that she was drawing a line under the experience Mask Singers. Objeko is then surprised that she accepted the challenge without batting an eyelid. It is obvious, she does not do it to restore her image, but rather in the name of her unfailing friendship with the Greek presenter. What the duo is not yet aware of is that Pascal Obispo’s attitude will reduce all their efforts to nothing.

The words of Pascal Obispo sow trouble

Screenshot (c) The Voice (c) TF1

Before singing his latest hit, Pascal Obispo breaks the silence on the health of his host friend. ” I spent my evening with him on the phone. Nikos, when he finds himself a bit alone like that, he calls me. He kisses you all. » What is this loneliness of which the composer speaks? Are there other issues that we don’t know about? A few months from the shooting of the star Academy, the demons of this PAF expert seem to take over. What mysteries, that’s too much! Given the slightly embarrassed smile of Alessandra Sublet, it does not stop there. And as his song precisely addresses the theme of gloom, he kicks in touch in him ” dedicating his tube.

As Freddie Mercury would say, whatever happens, the show must go on. So when he returns for the final, Nikos Aliagas will be able to rely on the support of his music-loving friends. First of all, the former winner Slimane comes to make a medley of his most beautiful titles. From experience The Voice, his career took a giant leap forward. Physically, it is no longer the same. And more morally, this single dad puts double mouths to transmit the best to his princess of a few months. We love the idea! Then, Angèle, Mika and many others agreed to share the stage with the 5 lucky ones. Who will come out on top? We are waiting for your predictions and we will tell you very soon!

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