MERCATO - PSG - REAL MADRID: In LeBron James mode or with humility: Kylian Mbappé, an announcement to be treated

MERCATO – PSG – REAL MADRID: In LeBron James mode or with humility: Kylian Mbappé, an announcement to be treated

This is the announcement that everyone is waiting for. At PSG, at Real Madrid but also for all football fans as Kylian Mbappé has taken on a new dimension. Where will Bondy’s star play, whom many observers present as the best player in the world today? Will he stay at PSG for another year or respond to the sirens of Merengue, who have been courting him for more than a year now? Doubt hovers. But it’s only a matter of hours, L’Equipe announcing Thursday that it will end the suspense this weekend. It remains to be seen how “Kyky” will reveal this.

If he leaves, you’ll have to be very smart

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If some media mentioned Thursday the idea that he could do it on the Téléfoot set on Sunday morning, Le Parisien denied this information this Friday. “The world champion should use other media relays, but he has not yet specified which ones., slips the regional daily. If the timing has become clearer, doubt still hangs over how to do it.

In any case, Mbappé has the keys in hand because what makes this announcement unique is that he is free of any contract at the end of June. So it’s only his choice. There is no agreement to be found between the clubs. It is he, his family and his advisers who are in charge. Which opens the doors to different ways of presenting things. With the risks that this entails. “This is an aspect of player communication that is complicatedexplains Frank Hocquemiller, image agent and founder of VIP Consulting. It’s quite ‘touchy’ because everything can be interpreted one way or the other“.

For months, Kylian Mbappé has also been fueling speculation with a few sentences or reactions to certain questions in the mixed zone, in national dailies or on television. But this time, the former nugget of Monaco should not be missed. Especially if “Kyky” decides to go to Real Madrid. “It is something difficult on which the players must be accompaniedunderlines Frank Hocquemiller, who took care of Raphaël Varane in particular. It’s too strategic a subject to leave them alone on this type of operation. But in the case of Mbappé, it’s even more complicated because we’ve been talking about it for almost two years. What we can say today is that if he stays at PSG, he does not need to be advised as the enthusiasm will be important. If he leaves, however, you’ll have to be very smart. Things have gone on for so long…”

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In the style of “The Decision” of LeBron James?

How will he operate then in this case? He can simply play it in the mixed zone after the match. Or on his social networks. Or make a more daring choice by staging. In the more or less recent past, two stars of the sports world have tried this option. The most famous operation? “The Decision” in 2010 when LeBron James hosted a show on US television to announce his decision to “take [ses] talents” in Miami and leaving Cleveland. And a few years later, Antoine Griezmann, a big NBA fan, was inspired by it when he announced his choice to stay at Atlético Madrid in 2018 in a documentary.

The least that can be said is that these two operations were not very successful with the general public. But this style of announcement could correspond to the dimension taken by Kylian Mbappé in recent years. “It is a decision that goes beyond the sporting framework“, estimates for AFP Arnaud Simon, ex-boss of Eurosport France today consultant. “Kylian Mbappé is a ‘role model’ who wants to move the lines. His decision has an exceptional dimension. And an exceptional champion requires an exceptional setting. To me, that would justify the 8 p.m. newspaper. You need a case worthy of the pearl that it is“.

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Keep a low profile respecting those people who have supported you for so many years

Very concerned about the image he sends back and eager to take into account every detail to live up to his status as a player, will Kylian Mbappé really embark on this kind of “show”? “The fault of most gamers is that they don’t put themselves in people’s shoesreplies Frank Hocquemiller. At the time of the announcement of a departure, they are happy because the outcome is coming and that will relieve them, free them. They will be able to project themselves. They can be euphoric at times like these. But they have to put themselves in the place of the disappointed party. And there, they will then perhaps not too much. That’s why I’m against big American-style shows, ‘in front of the camera’ because there will be too many people disappointed whatever decision the player makes.

Stay humble. Do not hurt those he neglects. The kind of things that can have an impact because Kylian Mbappé has entered a category of players apart: those who are a brand and whose image weighs in millions. So, it is better to avoid the slightest misstep. “At one point in their career, the image represents, for these players, three times their income, reminds us of the image expert. Football is a quarter or a third of what the players earn. We are talking about extraterrestrials and Mbappé is one of them. The advice that we can then give is to play transparency, cards on the table. Keep a low profile while respecting those people who have supported you for so many years. And that you are, in their eyes, betraying“.

The words will also have their impact. Even if they won’t tell everything…”It’s still sport and business too, we mustn’t forget that. He will go where he has the most interest, it’s as simple as that. He won’t necessarily tell us that. But that’s it“, concludes Frank Hocquemiller. And you might as well do it simply.

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