Marion Cotillard tells how those around her tried to fit her with American actors

Marion Cotillard tells how those around her tried to fit her with American actors

The event in Cannes, this Friday, May 20, is the presentation in competition of Sibling, the film by Arnaud Desplechin starring Marion Cotillard. On this occasion, the famous actress returned to her American career and to this somewhat particular advice from those around her.

Decidedly, after two very quiet years, the Cannes Film Festival has clearly returned to glamor and the stars. Last night, for the climb of the steps ofArmageddon Time, Julia Roberts was dazzling, while Anne Hathaway radiated, all dressed in white. In another genre, Omar Sy had fun breaking the rules to improvise as a photographer. And today, it’s the turn of an international and tricolor star at the same time: the beautiful Marion Cotillard. The actress with two César, uncomfortable recently to have to review one of her first roles in It’s up to youcomes to present in official competition Sibling, by Arnaud Desplechin. For this occasion, Marion Cotillard met journalists from Le Monde, who returned with her to her career. And in particular on her success in Hollywood, rather rare for a French actress.

“I needed a new experience that would take me out of my comfort zone”

Marion Cotillard thus explains that the American distributors of The kid quickly sensed the potential of the film. As much as “when Americans fall in love with a movie, they want to spotlight it through the Oscars.”. The young actress knows that the Oscar campaign requires total investment. “I thought ‘Why not?’ I was 32, no familyand I needed a new experience that would take me out of my comfort zone”. For several months, in 2007, she traveled the United States to make herself known and talk about the film. But she is “hampered by the language barrier”. She had “fully aware of not being up to it” of the issue. She decides to take intensive English lessons in New York.

A little special advice

The voters at the Oscars are the professionals. Thus, to hope to receive an interpretation prize, you have to seduce actors and actresses. The American entourage of Marion Cotillard then suggests to him, as said The worlde, to invent a life, to add glamor to his person. Inventing a life, glamorizing your person, in Hollywood, that roughly means making the front page of celebrity magazines. “If I got into a relationship with a well-known American actor, I immediately benefited from more interest, they explained to me”. Yes, yes, you are not dreaming… Marion Cotillard continues: “thus there were appointments which I did not understand at all. I ended up going to one of them. But I told the comedian about my boyfriend”. Suddenly, the seduction plan did not work. And the actress concludes: “Let’s be clear, I was landing, I was exotic. I was fresh flesh”. Fortunately she did not need this subterfuge to be crowned and receive the Oscar for best actress.

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