Laure Manaudou in shock, Jérémy Frérot left with Laury Thilleman

Laure Manaudou in shock, Jérémy Frérot left with Laury Thilleman

It would be in mid-May that Laure Manaudou would have ended her relationship with Jérémy Frérot, the father of her three children, after the latter is supposed to have become infatuated with Laury Thilleman, herself separated from Juan Arbelaez. .

According to the magazine Public, which reveals this May 20 behind the scenes of this marital carousel, it would be the Colombian chef who would have warned of this supposed affair the former swimming champion.

However, just a few weeks ago, they seemed super accomplices, and had even had a good time with the family with Lou, 4 years old, and the youngest, born in January 2021.

The small family had granted themselves a heavenly stay in Guadeloupe.
“Also, when Juan Arbelaez warned her two weeks ago of the love story that was being played out between Laury and her husband Jérémy”, Laure Manaudou should have “be stunned”.
She would not have expected this betrayal from Laury Thilleman, her friend for many, many years.

The two women have shared so many things, and good times including sporting challenges, like Défi d’Elles, two years ago. Superb photos of this raid have been unveiled on social networks.

“Laury, then, would have succumbed to the charm of her husband and vice versa? Impossible ? And yet! The young mother of three children probably had to face the facts given by Juan. Since then, she has stopped following Jérémy and Laury on Instagram”.

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