Kendji Girac conquered by a Hollywood star "still so beautiful" on the Croisette (PHOTOS)

Kendji Girac conquered by a Hollywood star “still so beautiful” on the Croisette (PHOTOS)

This Thursday evening, the singer Kendji Girac was present at the climb of the steps of the film Armageddon Time by James Gray, in Competition during this 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. The former winner of The Voice shared his joy of being on the Croisette on his Instagram account and was won over by a famous American actress…

This Thursday, May 19 during the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, the singer Kendji Girac did not hide his happiness to be among the personalities invited to walk the Cannes red carpet. Present when climbing the steps of the film Armageddon Time by James Gray with Anne Hathaway, the former tele-hook winner The Voice posed for the photographers shortly before the arrival at the Palais des Festivals of the planetary star Julia Roberts, very classy in a tuxedo. But if the actress Pretty Woman caused a sensation, and somewhat stole the show from the cast of the feature film in Competition Armageddon Timeit is with another Hollywood figure that Kendji Girac revealed himself to be very close during his stay on the Côte d’Azur.

Kendji Girac on the Croisette!

On his 31, dressed in a very chic black suit, Kendji Girac was in heaven this Thursday. In story on his Instagram account, the 25-year-old singer – who recently shot the TV movie Champion, on illiteracy, for TF1 – revealed behind the scenes of his visit to Cannes. For his fans, he has multiplied the videos where he shows himself arriving on the Croisette, during his preparation before climbing the stairs, in the car that takes him to the Palais des Festivals, also films himself excited on the red carpet. . “I’m going up the stairs for the Global Gift Gala (charity event organized on the sidelines of the Festival, which raises funds for families and children in need, editor’s note) the weather is nice, we’re happy”rejoices Kendji Girac, before adding once on the red carpet: “I love Julia Roberts, she was my childhood sweetheart!”.

Kendji Girac: this Hollywood star he is very close to

But if the resplendent smile of Julia Roberts made the interpreter of the tubes crack Andalusian and Color Gitano younger, it was with another Hollywood star that he appeared last night. Indeed, Kendji Girac was very close to his friend … Eva Longoria! The ex Desperate Housewivesgodmother of the Global Gift Gala, was one of the memories of the singer’s evening in Cannes: “It’s been a while since we last saw each other (…) it will be nice to see her again”he launched before finding her for braces. “Still beautiful”, then loose Kendji Girac to Eva Longoria, who describes the singer as “my friend”. The actress also sends messages and small gifts to the French artist from time to time. An astonishing and beautiful friendship, immortalized on the red carpet and during the Global Gift Gala evening, where Eva Longoria let loose on the dance floor to the sound of the wild rhythms of her “friend”. All the photos of the accomplice duo Kendji Girac and Eva Longoria in our slideshow.

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