INTERVIEW.  Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj trust like never before

INTERVIEW. Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj trust like never before

By FannyBardin

– Published on May 19, 2022 at 11:38

During an exclusive interview, Carla Moreau and Kevin confided in each other like never before! The two lovebirds revealed what awaits you in the new season of their show. Allan and Belle’s relationship, the reunion with Nacca… They said it all!

It’s official, Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj are back on our screens! After having Carla & Kevin: The Wedding, the famous couple returns with a brand new season of their show. This time, the time will be for reconciliations. In fact, the mother of Ruby will try to reconnect with his father whom she has not seen for more than 10 years while her husband goes to see again Nacca to try to understand why they haven’t spoken to each other for several months. In this new edition, the two former candidates of the Marseilles will also meet Beautifula young woman revealed in The Villa of Broken Hearts 7 who is currently the girlfriend ofAllan Guedj. Po find the episodes of Carla & Kevin: Time for reconciliation, see you from Friday May 20 on MY TF1 Max. For the occasion, the editorial staff of melty had the chance to ask them a few questions. Thus, during this interview, the two lovebirds confided in each other like never before!

Hello. After your wedding, we find you again on our screens for a new season of your show. What should we expect?

Carla Moreau: It was the hardest adventure for me so I think we can expect a lot. After touring a lot for 6-7 years, it was the most complicated adventure to do. We will tell you everything and get everything out of our lives!

We had the chance to see the first episodes. So we saw your meeting with Belle, Allan’s new girlfriend. How do you live the fact that Allan has obviously found love?

Carla Moreau: Obviously for me it was a little complicated. Not in relation to Belle but because I am very attached to Maïssane. And at the time Allan and she were very close so obviously for me it was full of questions about whether Belle was a good person for Allan.

Kevin Guedj after singing Belle, a title from the Notre Dame de Paris musical : (laughs) Belle is kind and very friendly. Afterwards, it’s true that he rarely introduced us to his girlfriends. We didn’t expect that from Allan. Afterwards, I’m telling you the truth, he’s my little cousin, so his choices are my choices.

Do you watch La Villa des Cœurs Brisés 7 to see how their love story was born?

Kevin Guedj: Of course we are watching! It’s nice, it’s cute. It’s true that I have the impression that Allan had a real crush and so much the better for her.

For you, which of Belle or Maïssane corresponds most to Allan?

Carla Moreau: What corresponds to Allan, will correspond to us because it is his choices in priority.

Kevin Guedj: After Carla she prefers Maïssane (laughs)

Carla Moreau: No, but it’s not a question of being better or worse compared to Allan. It’s mainly because Maïssane is my friend.

Kevin Guedj: But if you have to choose?

Carla Moreau: I prefer Maïssane but I love Belle too. She’s nice ! But I am not objective.

Kevin Guedj: It is true that it is not objective. Maïssane is someone with whom we have strong ties. When she comes home it’s home so it’s different.

Carla Moreau: But what makes Allan happy makes me happy so in any case we will adapt and I can’t wait to know more about Belle.

Will Maïssane and Belle meet on your show?

Kevin Guedj: Inshallah! (laughs)

Carla Moreau: It will be a surprise!

Kevin Guedj: But if they meet, I want to be there anyway!

Kevin, in this show, you found Nacca with whom you were cold. Was it important for you to clear things up with him?

Kevin Guedj: It’s true that basically I don’t like to be in dispute in friendship. Afterwards, it’s true that with Nacca it’s a little different because I didn’t know that I was in an argument with him. Because other than good, I hadn’t done anything wrong to him in his life so I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t talking to me anymore. And when Carla and Alex (Editor’s note: Alex Guidi, a candidate for the Princes and Princesses of Love 5 friend of the Guedj family) said to me: ‘Yes, you have to talk to him again and everything’, I didn’t really know. It was a bit blurry for me! Because even until today, I didn’t quite understand.

Can we expect a reconciliation between you?

Kevin Guedj: You can expect a great discussion after for the rest I let you discover the adventure.

How did you experience the fact that he became a dad?

Kevin Guedj: I learned about it on social media. I congratulated him because I think it’s the least of things. I wish him only happiness. Even if in life, sometimes you talk to yourself, sometimes you don’t talk to yourself anymore, I wish everyone happiness.

Carla, this season, you are taking steps to find your father. How important was it to you?

Carla Moreau: I felt it was the right time, that I had to take care of this. And for once, the whole production helped me to feel comfortable in this process because for me it was very hard to do. We are coming out of almost 10 years of absence so it is true that it was not easy. But I was lucky to have a production that surrounded me, to have my family, my friends and that’s what allowed me to find the courage to do it.

Can you remind us why you and your father were no longer in contact?

Carla Moreau: There were breaks 10 years ago. Some personal things…

Kevin Guedj: It’s from the past ! We will avoid returning to these subjects.

We saw him in the episodes, you’ll manage to find him. Besides the stress, how did you feel the day you saw him for the first time in years?

Carla Moreau: Inevitably, I was in a state where I had a lot of emotions in me. I’ll let you discover the episodes because really it was the most complicated adventure I’ve done and yet I’ve done a lot. We put my whole life in front and it was not easy.

Have you kept in touch today?

Carla Moreau: Yes ! Then it will happen little by little. It takes time ! It’s not miraculous and because we’re having an adventure, everything is fine. But precisely our approach is very sincere.

A last word for the meltynauts?

Carla Moreau: We hope you will enjoy this adventure again! That you will discover even more about us. The fact of being able to shoot in our house, to show who has is really without jargon by really focusing on us, we hope that will suit you. In any case, we are waiting for all your opinions and we hope that you will be numerous.

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