In "Daily", Marie-Sophie Lacarrau warns contact lens users

In “Daily”, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau warns contact lens users


Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, here in February 2021, on TF1.

OPHTHALMOLOGY – Marie-Sophie Lacarrau is back, after five months of absence on the 1 p.m. newscast on TF1. This Thursday, May 19, the presenter was a guest on Yann Barthes’ Daily program, during which she explained the reason for her hasty departure.

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau claims to have been the victim of a “so-called rare and severe infection” because of her contact lenses. She then warns those who wear it. “I’m taking advantage of what happened to me to send a prevention message,” she continues.

The presenter is categorical: contact lenses and tap water are a very bad mix. Although it’s a well-known fact, “I know a lot of people who wear contact lenses and shower with them”. However, “it only takes one drop of water to pass between the lens and your cornea, and the amoebas present in our tap water can then enter your eye”, she warns.

And that’s exactly what happened to him. “Parasites in the water got into my eye and attacked my cornea,” she says. This disease, called amoebic keratitis, affects only 100 people a year in France.

“I had to get my eyes used to the light again”

“I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear contact lenses, but if you do, be really careful,” she reminds viewers. Even when contact lens users wash their hands before putting them on, they must not forget to wipe them: “if there is a drop left on your finger, you are taking a risk”, warns the presenter .

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau has now decided not to wear contact lenses, an understandable decision after this misadventure, which handicaps her in her work.

Myopic, she chose not to use the teleprompter for the news, like her predecessor Jean-Pierre Pernaut. “I did some tests. It’s quite comfortable,” she told the Parisian May 12. On the set of Daily, like that of the JT, the teams also had to lower the intensity of the light, in order to preserve the eye of the journalist, very weakened.

Obviously, this is not definitive, but a return to normal takes time: “My eye had to be reaccustomed to light, re-educated. At first I wore sunglasses then I started taking them off. My eye has resumed its habits with surrounding light. He accepts it now”, she assured on May 12.

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