Google arrives in Web3 with the intention of imposing itself |  Google, web3

Google arrives in Web3 with the intention of imposing itself | Google, web3

To increase its turnover, Google cloud wants to set foot on web 3. It wants to offer services intended for developers who design applications on the blockchain. The American company wants to invest in the development of the web 3 ecosystem.

Google Cloud as an essential technological solution

The undisputed king of Web 2.0, the Mountain View giant will enter Web 3.0. The American company wants to set up a essential technological solution which will be used by all blockchain developers. Web 3 corresponds to a new evolution of the Internet. Its operation is based on artificial intelligence and the metaverse. It also uses cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Vice President of Google Cloud, Amit Zavery, recently said in an interview that he wants to develop the American solution. He wants this to be a go-to choice for anyone working in web 3 development. In his interview, he says: “ Admittedly, it is still early to implement web 3 technologies. However, it should be noted that this represents a market that contains several potentials. Many customers have contacted us lately. They asked us to increase our support for the development of technologies related to cryptocurrencies and web 3 “.

Google Cloud has therefore set itself the objective of meeting the needs of its customers. In the months or years to come, he will do everything to implement an effective solution.

Google Cloud has not yet announced any products

For the moment, the American company has not yet announced any specific products relating to web 3. However, it seems that it is focusing the most on the « back end than in other sectors. Indeed, to support Web 3 projects, you have to bet a lot on “back end” solutions. You should know that it is on these that most web technologies are based.

A recent study showed that the majority of developers on stack Overflow had never created an application that uses the blockchain before. With the arrival of Google in the world of web 3, searches will change a lot in the years to come. He will set up all the necessary equipment and organize training for developers. This will allow them to better understand blockchain technology.

Amit Zavery recently announced that Google Cloud is not going to ride the wave of cryptocurrencies. Rather, it will provide companies with services that will enable them to develop quality applications. These may be technologies that facilitate access to hosted data. In any case, we still have to wait some time to know the team that Google is forming.

Currently, large companies are increasingly interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Several studies are therefore being carried out. In the months or years to come, we will closely follow the evolution of this project and the new announcements from Google Cloud.

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