EXCLUDED.  Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron: this French star with whom they celebrated the presidential victory

EXCLUDED. Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron: this French star with whom they celebrated the presidential victory

Exit the La Rotonde brasserie where he celebrated his victory in 2017. In 2022, Emmanuel Macron celebrated his second term with a star adored by the French, as revealed by Closer exclusively.

April 24 marked the victory of Emmanuel Macron, of the La République En Marche party, for his second consecutive term. In 2017, the one who became President of the Republic for the first time wanted to celebrate his victory in the brasserie of La Rotonde. But for his victory in 2022, it was not at La Rotonde that Emmanuel Macron went to pop the champagne and salute the long-awaited result of his presidential campaign. Closer indeed reveals that it was at Line Renaud, former magazine leader and one of the favorite personalities of the French, that the President of the Republic went to party. Friday May 13 saw the presidential couple, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron, be invited to Line Renaud’s alongside other distinguished guests.

Closer reveals that among the guests were notably the businessman Xavier Niel, the singer Vincent Niclo, the brother of Dalida Orlando or even Dany Boon and his partner Laurence Arné. Beautiful people who found themselves, for a few hours, exposed on social networks after an invited person decided to post a few photos … before coming to their senses and deleting them. There is no doubt that this little evening at Line Renaud’s allowed the president to take advantage of his re-election while being well surrounded, especially since the Macron are very close to the actress. Indeed Brigitte Macron and Line Renaud have a habit to which they never deviate, and this is not the first time that they celebrate together a happy event.

Does Line Renaud advise Emmanuel Macron?

For her 93 years, it was at the Elysée that Line Renaud celebrated her birthday, in a small committee but in a setting worthy of its prestige. Despite their closeness, Line Renaud did not however become one more adviser for the President of the Republic, as she pointed out during an interview with Nous Deux. Indeed she believes, rightly, that this is not her role. “He’s the president. He has enough advisers around him, he doesn’t need me on all these questions of education, science… I don’t get involved in that” she said then.

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© Stephane Lemouton

2/12 –

Brigitte Macron
Line Renaud and Brigitte Macron are very close

© Stephane Lemouton

3/12 –

Emmanuel Macron
The president celebrated his first term at La Rotonde

© Stephane Lemouton

4/12 –

Emmanuel Macron
This time he chose a more private environment

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5/12 –

Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron
He was in small committee


6/12 –

Brigitte Macron and Line Renaud
A few celebrities were present with the presidential couple


7/12 –

Brigitte Macron and Line Renaud
Line Renaud had invited Dany Boon and his wife or even Xavier Niel

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8/12 –

Emmanuel Macron and Line Renaud
Line Renaud has already celebrated other great occasions with the presidential couple

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9/12 –

Emmanuel Macron
She celebrated her 93rd birthday at the Elysée

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10/12 –

Emmanuel Macron
President Emmanuel Macron beat far-right candidate Marine Le Pen


11/12 –

Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron
He is going for a second term


12/12 –

Brigitte Macron and Line Renaud
Brigitte Macron and Line Renaud call each other every Sunday at 5 p.m.

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