Daredevil: the Hell's Kitchen demon back on Disney+ in a new series?

Daredevil: the Hell’s Kitchen demon back on Disney+ in a new series?

news culture Daredevil: the Hell’s Kitchen demon back on Disney+ in a new series?

Between 2015 and 2018, Netflix seduced the public by offering Daredevil, a series detached from the MCU (but which refers to it) which launched the era of Marvel series. There followed series on Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, The Punisher or Luke Cage, with very variable success. Disney + has recently recovered all these beautiful people, in North America for the moment, and seems to be preparing the sequel.

Important: This article contains potential MCU spoilers. The illustration video is from the game Marvel Heroes.

Clues that pile up

Despite the success of the series, Daredevil ended after three seasons, and went unnoticed until the release of Spider-Man No Way Home, in which Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), appeared to defend a Peter Parker in bad shape. The development did not go further, but this first clue was accompanied by the return of Wilson Fiskstill in the guise of Vincent D’Onofrio, in Hawkeye.

So many small pebbles sown by Disney +, which suggest that the Man Without Fear, the Demon of Hell’s Kitchen, could make a comeback. Fans have been hoping for many years to see the character played by Charlie Cox again, but the return of Netflix series to Disney+ seems to indicate the process is accelerating.

A new Daredevil series in production, Charlie Cox back soon?

An idea reinforced by the latest information from Variety and Deadlinewhich indicate that Disney+ has launched the development of a new series. The terms having been carefully chosen by our colleagues, a question arises. Will we pick up the story where we left off, or does Disney want to start anew. In the event that Charlie Cox reprises his role, it’s hard to imagine a return to the “origins” justice, but the scenario could very well ignore what happened before.

At present, we do not know more, except that the return of the actors in the MCU is anything but a coincidence. What we do know, however, if the information is reliable, is that the writing was entrusted to Matt Corman and Chris Ord, who worked together on Covert Affairs, a drama series rather appreciated for the way the story unfolds. In any case, the fact that Disney chooses or not to make a direct sequel to the series does not matter, everything can, for the moment in any case, be justified by the opening of the Multiverse in the MCU.

A historical and appreciated figure

Remember that Daredevil, one of Marvel’s most famous characters, is a young lawyer blind since childhood, trained to make his other senses a real strength. Enraged by the injustice that reigns in New York and in Hell’s Kitchen in particular, he decides to become a masked avenger, punishing his enemies in an outfit evoking a demon.

Suffice to say that there is things to do with the character, which appeared in the comics in 1964 under the impetus of Stan Lee (obviously) and Bill Everett, and adapted to the cinema in 2003 with Ben Affleck. The two accomplices had also received the help of two other mythical figures of Marvel Comics, namely Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby. On the comics side, Daredevil concluded its sixth arc last February, and the seventh will begin in June! The character is therefore far from being forgotten, and could do a resounding return. Case to follow.

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