Can Metz avoid relegation to Ligue 2 against PSG?  "Caen has already done it twice"

Can Metz avoid relegation to Ligue 2 against PSG? “Caen has already done it twice”

Almost sentenced in April, FC Metz is still alive. Before the 38th and last day of the 2021-22 season on Saturday, Frédéric Antonetti’s men are in the play-off position (18th), tied on points with the nineteenth, Saint-Etienne (31 units), but have a better goal difference (-29 against -35). To avoid direct relegation, three years after their title of L2 champion, the Messins will have to rub shoulders with PSG on the lawn of the Parc des Princes and hope for an unfavorable result from ASSE in Nantes, in the event of a draw. An extremely difficult challenge. But not impossible.

Metz remains on two consecutive victories, it will help them, entrusts us Ronny Rodelin, the current striker of Servette Geneva and accustomed to the struggles for the maintenance in L1 when he evolved in Caen then Guingamp. Knowing Frédéric Antonetti, he will fight until the end. On a match, everything is really possible.” “Caen has already done it twice“, recalls Romain Genevois, the former weed defender.

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Flashback to May 2017. Caen, seventeenth, is playing its place in L1 on the lawn of PSG, second behind Monaco and still traumatized by the comeback from Barcelona, ​​​​while Lorient, eighteenth with a point behind, receives Bordeaux. “We knew it was going to be complicated but we had our destiny in handemphasizes Romain Genevois. In these cases, do not rely too much on the other results.” And yet, the Norman club faces the great team of Paris, which inflicted a scathing 6-0 on the first leg.

Sometimes they played ball

Marquinhos, Presnel Kimpembe, Thiago Motta, Adrien Rabiot, Lucas Moura, Angel Di Maria and Edinson Cavani, author of 35 league goals (note: 49 achievements in all competitions) and crowned best player at the 2017 UNFP trophies, are in the eleven departure. Without forgetting Blaise Matuidi and Javier Pastore (“an impressive player with his passes from the future” according to Romain Genevois) entered during the meeting. “For Paris, the season was already overremembers Ronny Rodelin. But they wanted to end in the best way.”

And for good reason: PSG started strong and Adrien Rabiot opened the scoring in the thirteenth minute. In the second half, the waves follow one another again on the goal of Rémy Vercoutre. Syam Ben Youssef saves a lob from Edinson Cavani on the line and Romain Genevois clears a hot ball a few minutes later. “If we concede a second goal, it’s over“, recognizes the former Haitian international defender, aligned at the heart of a five-man defense that evening.

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20 minutes from the end of the 38th day, Vincent Le Goff offers the equalizer in Lorient against Bordeaux (1-1). Caen finds itself a barrage. “When we learn it, we say to ourselves that we absolutely have to score. On the pitch, I don’t remember a drop in intensity from PSG at that time. We therefore try to build our game as much as possible and we keep our cool. Believing in it until the end really helped us“, says Ronny Rodelin, hero of this end of the match.

Not disturbed, and even “released“, after his missed penalty in the 76th minute, the striker offers Caen to stay after extra time (1-1).The Parisians were not playing the match of their season, they had nothing more to hope for. But we didn’t let go of the steak, we were so determined and yet the referee even refused us a goal“, says Emmanuel Imorou, who lived at the Parc des Princes, “one of the best times” of her career.

Rodelin against Trapp

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Chance of the calendar, the Stade Malherbe must once again play its place in the elite against PSG during the 38th day of the following season. One month before the World Cup in Russia, Unai Emery is spinning. Neymar, on his way back three months after his right foot injury, is spared. Kylian Mbappé is not on the score sheet. Angel Di Maria and Thiago Silva are on the bench. Youngsters Christopher Nkunku and Timothy Weah lead the Parisian attack.

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In the first half, we suffered a lot, it happened in all directions“, recalls Ronny Rodelin. “We had the feeling that they wanted to fold the entry matchconfirms Romain Genevois. It was still Paris, a team capable of putting four even while walking“But after the break, Caen suffers”fewer waves“.”In the second half, I thought we were a little calmer. We felt that they did not want to take bad shots. Sometimes they played ball. ” Malherbe hangs another draw against Paris (0-0) and escapes again in extremis (note: in front of Toulouse). Four years later, Metz would sign with both hands for a similar outcome.

Damien Da Silva and Romain Genevois after the maintenance obtained by Caen against PSG in 2018.

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