Camille Lellouche (The Voice) se confie sur ses plans de vacances très sensuels…

Camille Lellouche pregnant? This photo of her belly that shocks internet users

At 35, comedian and singer Camille Lellouche is expecting her first child. His last post delighted his fans. We give you all the details!

Followed by 2.4 million followers, Camille Lellouche wanted to say that she was expecting a child. I love you so much already“, she explains in the caption. In the photo, we indeed discover her in the sun, at the edge of a swimming pool, radiant… and her belly rounded!

Source: Purepeople / Instagram @camillelellouche

The last time Camille Lellouche made a deep impression on us was on International Women’s Rights Day. At the microphone of Europe 1, the singer told listeners of her title “N’insiste pas”. The editorial staff of Objeko loved his shocking words. With this song, Camille Lellouche wants to touch the victims, help them flee their executioner and have the strength to ask for help.

A moving message from Camille Lellouche…

Faced with Matthieu Belliard, in Europe Matin, Camille Lellouche did not mince words! ” Tongues are starting to loosen, we talk about it more and more, but not enough yet. And I find that even when some women dare to file a complaint, they are not always taken seriously. Often they end up being killed. And it’s so awful I can’t not fight it“, has indeed dropped the artist.

This is not the first time she has broached the subject. In her sketches, she had already addressed the issue. But she now believes that “humor is no longer enough”. ” This song is for those women who can’t leave or who arrive late, continued the comedian. A ‘normal’ breakup is already very violent and leaving the person is a long process. But when you’re a battered woman, not only are you crazy about the person who beats you, since that’s his goal, but you also wonder what will happen to you if you leave. So it’s even longer as a process and most women don’t file a complaint.“, she added.

The comedian thus insisted on the fact that violence affects everyone, and not just women. ” It concerns all social backgrounds, no matter what job you do, even in the artistic world, it happens to everyone, without exception“, she asserted. And to continue: “And for her, things must change in the education of young boys and girls. The basis of all this is education and respect. The construction site is at the start, it starts by explaining to the little boys that you don’t hit the girls. », she continued.

And the dad?

Within the editorial staff of Objeko, we found the lyrics quite straightforward, even harsh. But Camille Lellouche wants to justify herself. ” At some point that’s enough, you have to say things as they are. When we kick your ass, we kick your ass. So let’s say it“, has indeed concluded the singer.

A convinced and convincing feminist, the comedian continues on his merry way. But she does not yet want to reveal who the father of her child is. Nor if she is in a relationship today. ” I’m so happy to tell you that, I want to cry, it’s the hormones! Damn, I’m so happy! I wanted to tell you too much, with the summer, I couldn’t see myself wearing sweaters! I’m so happy, thank you for always being there. She’s a little girl, here I sayshe revealed, moved, in an Instagram story.

Chef Cyril Lignac, singer Clara Luciani and comedian Hugo Gélin immediately commented on this publication with emojis. The birth is expected around September.

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