both teams go to overtime

both teams go to overtime

The situation is tense

While the two teams are taking their break, things are heating up a bit between Kitala and the Auxerre players. The situation calms down and the coaches give their advice.


On a final shot above Sakhi, Mr. Brisard whistles the end of regulation time. We will be entitled to 30 more minutes!

What a lack of Charbonnier!

Superb breakthrough and strike from Trouillet, who sees his strike deflected by Prévot. Faced with goal, Charbonnier finds a way to hit above. What an opportunity for the AJA! Maybe the match point!

Four minutes of additional time

To make a difference!

Change in Auxerre

Mathias Autret is replaced by Alexis Trouillet for the last minutes, and more if affinity.

Ndour’s completely missed touch

The ball is returned to Auxerrois for a very bad touch from Ndour, who really got rid of the leather.

No shot on target for Sochaux

This proves the clumsiness of Sochaux, while the AJA framed 4 strikes.

Kalulu gives way

It is Yann Kitala who replaces him.

Sakhi’s strike flies away

Still no success in front of goal.

Abbé Deschamps pushes

The outcome of the match is still undecided, while Bernard sends his head into the stands after a caviar from Autret.

Change in Auxerre

Perrin replaces Sinayoko. Offensive change for AJA to try to make a difference in the last 10 minutes.

Hot situation for Sochaux!

On a poor control of Arcus, Weissbeck recovers the leather but is taken back by Arcus, at the limit of the penalty… What an opportunity for Sochaux.

Good intervention from Prévot

The Sochaux goalkeeper makes a decisive exit in front of Charbonnier, who was prowling.

Decisive return of Jubal

On a breakthrough on the right side, Ambri crosses but Jubal makes a decisive return and concedes a corner. Hit by Weissbeck, the ball lands on the skull of Lopy, who sends his head overhead.

Changes in Sochaux

Tony Mauricio and Maxime Do Couto give up their places to Rassoul Ndiaye and Steve Ambri.

It’s still in the wall

Gaetan Weissbeck finds the feet of the Auxerre wall. Success always eludes both teams.

Good free kick for Sochaux

Before going out, Do Couto is broke near the surface and gets a good free kick.

Charbonnier’s head

Still no success for the Auxerre striker, who hits the ball with his shoulder.

Charbonnier warns

For a high foot on Valentin Henry.

Sochaux in the hard

As in the last 10 minutes of the first period, the Sochaliens suffered against AJA which multiplied the offensives in the surface of Prévot.

Charbonnier’s lob attempt

The second top scorer in L2 tries a lob at the entrance to the area but it goes over!

It’s in the wall

Bad luck for Hein, who lands his attempt on Lopy’s head.

Beware of the danger for Sochaux!

What a breakthrough from Sinayoko! The middle is hung at the extreme limit by Aaneba and offers a very good free kick to Gauthier Hein.

Henry reprimanded by the referee

For not making the key in the right place.

Charbonnier calls for a hand

The AJA striker tries to get the ball into the box, but Tony Mauricio blocks the ball from the lower belly.

Charbonnier Strike

Without concern for Prévot, who captures the strike from the Auxerre striker.

We’re leaving at a slow pace

The Sochaliens take their time to build, those who played three days ago.


0-0 between Auxerre and Sochaux! The match took a long time to settle down but AJA ended the first act better. Maxence Prévot kept his team in the game.

Vigilant Provost

The Sochaux goalkeeper saves his team on Sakhi’s strike. The ball is cleared for a corner. Prévot is again decisive on a header from Jubal.

It grazes the post for Hein!

The ball went towards the top corner, but Gauthier Hein’s shot ended up in Prévot’s side netting.

Sinayoko gets a good free kick

Stupid foul by Do Couto at 25 meters. Good cartridge to come for AJA and Hein.

Maurice above!

The recovery of the medium passes very largely above, for the greatest pleasure of the fans of Auxerre.

Arcus on the ground

The AJA defender complains of a blow after a duel with Do Couto.

Sakhi next door!

Sakhi’s turn to try his luck, but his shot flies into the stands. Auxerre has been better for a few minutes.

Hein’s blocked strike!

The AJA striker tries his luck outside the box but sees his shot blocked. He claims a hand from Weissbeck but the referee does not flinch.

The post for Sochaux!

What a twist of fate! On a cross from Weissbeck, Kalulu touches the ball with his shoulder and looks for the opposite side netting. It hits the post, but Kalulu was offside…

Prevot always there

The Sochaux goalkeeper spoke well to his defenders and captured this aerial ball in front of Charbonnier.

Kalulu picked up by Jubal

In the area, the Sochaux striker overtakes the central defender of AJA, who remains on his support and scrapes a foul.

The center at the third post of Valentin Henry

The ball goes straight into touch.

We did not understand each other on the Auxerre side

Quentin Bernard tries to serve Autret in depth but the AJA winger has stopped his call and the ball comes to die behind the line.

Charbonnier Strike

Off target, it is slightly countered but the referee gives a goal kick for Sochaux.

Good exit from Prévot

The Sochaux goalkeeper intervenes in front of Charbonnier, who coveted an opening from Hein.

Auxerre remains cautious

Jean-Marc Furlan’s players do not give up too much so as not to be surprised on the counterattack.

AJA supporters still in good shape

The atmosphere of the great Ligue 1 evenings at the Abbé Deschamps.

It’s Do Couto’s turn to show up

Tuesday night’s decisive striker tries a curling cross from the left and forces Donovan Léon to work to clear the ball.

The center of Weissbeck!

Served on the right side, the Sochaux captain crosses in the 5.50m but Kalulu is too short to resume. First alert for the Auxerre defense.

Heavy pressing from both teams

The possessions are linked on both sides, while the opportunities are long overdue.

Offside for Charbonnier

The AJA striker is reported in an illegal position. He is keeping a low profile for now.

First corner for AJA

Sakhi’s kick finds the head the Lopy, who clears his side.

Planned extensions

In the event of a draw, the 22 players will play an additional 30 minutes, possibly with a penalty shootout. There is no VAR tonight.

Kalulu’s turn to be on the ground

The medical staff intervenes for a concussion protocol following a shock with Jubal.

Jérôme Brisard cleans up

A piece of tifo fell on the lawn.

Turned on the ground

The AJA captain is on the ground after a blow to the back from Lopy. He gets up and the game resumes.

We are trying to find Charbonnier

Long balloons do not yet arrive at their destination. The Sochaux defense holds firm.

First possession for Auxerre

The Auxerrois quietly rotate and obtain a first free kick after a fault by Ndour. The free kick is played quickly.


The kick-off is given by the AJA!

The crazy atmosphere in Auxerre for the entry of players

18,000 people fill the stands, including 600 Sochaux residents.

Auxerre advantage over the season

In the first leg, the two teams separated 0-0 at Bonal, while AJA won at Abbé Deschamps (3-2).

The Abbé Deschamps sold out this Friday

The tickets were gone in no time.

Sochaux supporters will be numerous this evening

They had already ignited Charléty on Tuesday evening.

The winner will face the 18th in Ligue 1

It will be either Metz, or Saint-Étienne, or Bordeaux. The first leg play-off is scheduled for Thursday May 26 at 7 p.m. on the lawn of the Ligue 2 team. The return match will be on the lawn of the Ligue 1 team, Sunday May 29 at 7 p.m.

Hello everyone

After overthrowing Paris FC on Tuesday at Charléty (2-1), Sochaux moves to Auxerre (3rd in 2021-2022) for the last play-offs before the play-offs. The kick-off will be given at 8:30 p.m. at the Abbé Deschamps.

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