plus belle la vie en avance du 24 mai 2022 News Actual

Barbara falls in love with Tim, Vidal faces his past (PBLV Episode 4547 Summary)

“Plus belle la vie” in advance, detailed summary of episode 4547 of Tuesday, May 31, 2022 of PBLV. In your daily series of France 3, Barbara and Abdel wonder about their meetings the day before. Vidal decides to face his past lies.


more beautiful life in advance of May 24, 2022 News Actual
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More beautiful life: Summary in advance of episode 4547 of Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Abel and Elisa spent the night together. In the early morning, Elisa is hungry. Abdel thought he could have a romantic breakfast in bed with the young woman, but she has another idea in mind. She steals some candy from a sideboard at the end of the hall. On her return, Elisa confides in Abdel a little personal anecdote. When she was in boarding school, as a child, she waited for the supervisor to sleep at night to go and collect the sweets that she confiscated from all the boarders, taking a small commission in passing.

A young man was hit by a van in front of Barbara. Barbara called the emergency services and accompanied the young man to the emergency room. Under medication, he dozed off. In her wallet, she finds her identity card, his name is Tim Pasquaud. When he wakes up, Barbara tells him that a truck ran into him and that he managed to get away in time. But Tim absolutely wants to find his drone and asks Barbara not to tell the police. Tim then has vagal discomfort. Gabriel explains to Barbara that Tim is a miracle. He fell on his arm and landed very well. It only has a few cracks. Barbara truly believed he was going to die and breaks down in tears in front of Riva.

For his part, Abdel has gone back to sleep and when he wakes up, Elisa is no longer there. Abdel absolutely wants to find her and confides to the receptionist that he was struck by love at first sight. Touched, the receptionist takes a look at her computer. The room was rented by a group called Valerum Financial Conseil.

Riva surprises Barbara at Tim’s bedside and quickly understands that the young woman has fallen under the spell of her protege. He convinces her to go and rest. Barbara and Abdel meet at the Marci and talk about their romantic lives.


Kilian remains in denial

Kilian returns to high school but he is not welcome. Sunalee and her friends prevent her from entering the establishment. Tone up. Sunalee is not shy and provokes him. Mouss intervenes just in time before the situation gets out of hand.

Kilian arrives late for French class. Sunalee gets up and gathers her things. She refuses to stay in the same room as a violent man. Sunalee explains to Blanche that Kilian hit Betty at the mistral bar in front of witnesses. Noah confirms to his mother that it is true. Blanche falls from the clouds. Kilian tells Sunalee that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and leaves the class.

When Lola returns to Thomas and Gabriel’s, Kilian laments that everyone is judging and condemning him. Lola thinks it’s normal after what he did. Kilian assures her otherwise because this story is only about Betty and him. Then, Kilian confides in Lola that loving Betty makes him go crazy and explains to her that she keeps blowing hot and cold incessantly: one day, he is the man of her life, and another day , it is only a m**e and so on. Lola asks her brother to stop making excuses. Kilian assures her that is not the case and explains that he would do anything for her. Lola takes her brother in her arms to comfort him, but Kilian does not want her pity.

In the evening, Betty had a nightmare and can no longer go back to sleep. She invites herself into Léa’s bed.

Vidal contacts his wife

Vidal cancels all his appointments for the day, and goes running alone. Fanny knows that it is not in her habit to let her patients down and encourages Emilie to speak with him. But the young woman is skeptical. Romain is secretive and not very talkative. Fanny does not agree and points out to him that if Romain is confident, he ends up confiding.

Meanwhile, as he runs, Romain stops and bursts into tears. He thinks back to his wife and when he left her. When he returns to the roommate, he confides in Emilie that he met a girl in high school with whom he married then he confesses to her that he left her there. last year when he found out he was sick. Today, he regrets having hidden his illness from her. Emilie thinks it’s never too late to do the right thing. Romain calls Séverine and asks her forgiveness…

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