Yannick Alléno: this very complicated gesture that he wanted to do himself after the death of his son, Antoine

Yannick Alléno: this very complicated gesture that he wanted to do himself after the death of his son, Antoine

Friday May 13, 2022, the funeral of Antoine Alléno, a 24-year-old chef, took place at Notre-Dame de Poissy. A very difficult moment for his father, Yannick Alléno, who paid him a vibrant tribute.

On Sunday May 8, Antoine Alléno was fatally mowed down by an alcoholic man while he was on a scooter. Aged only 24, the son of Yannick Alléno was a promising leader who had just opened his restaurant with his father. A few days after his death, his funeral were celebrated in the collegiate Our Lady of Poissyin the presence of his family and many personalities such as Brigitte Macron, Bruno Le Maire and many French chefs.

A terrible moment for Yannick Alléno as reported by Paris Match in its latest issue published on Thursday, May 19. According to the magazine, the head chef said to himself “inconsolable, enraged” during the son’s funeral before entrusting:Let’s hope this didn’t happen for nothing, that Antoine will be at the origin of changes, encouraging more severity towards these offenders who rot life, who destroyed my life and that of our family“.

Yannick Alléno: his symbolic gesture to say goodbye to his son

During the funeral of the young man of 24 years, Yannick Alléno who was very close to his younger brother had a gesture both symbolic and very difficult. Indeed, according to one of his relatives, he insisted on close Antoine’s coffin himself. A very emotional moment that made him realize that “the horror has happened“and that he would never see his son again as he spoke to him until then as if he were always present.

After the ceremony, the 53-year-old cook posted a long message on his Instagram account. He stated that a association in the name of Antoine Alléno was to be created to support the victims of repeat offenders. The beginning of a long fight for justice to be done begins for the whole Alléno family.


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2/12 –

Yannick Alleno and Antoine Alleno
He was fatally mowed down by an alcoholic man while he was on a scooter.

© Instagram @alleno_antoine

3/12 –

Antoine Alleno
The young chef had just opened a restaurant with his father, Yannick Alléno.

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4/12 –

Antoine Alleno
He was 24 years old.

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5/12 –

Yannick Alleno
Signing of the Ile-de-France Region Gastronomy Route Charter at the Simone Veil Hemicycle in Paris on March 27, 2019.

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6/12 –

Yannick Alleno and Steven Taylor
“La nuit by Sofitel” evening at the Cambon pavilion in Paris, during fashion week. February 28, 2019.


7/12 –

Yannick Alléno, his wife Laurence and his son Thomas Alléno
“Kenzo Takada’s Birthday Night” party to celebrate Kenzo Takada’s 80th birthday at the Pavillon Ledoyen in Paris, France, on February 28, 2019.


8/12 –

Yannick Alléno, Ricardo Guadalupe (CEO of Hublot) and Richard Orlinski
Evening of the official reopening of the Hublot boutique on Place Vendôme in Paris on June 21, 2018.


9/12 –

Yannick Alleno
Press conference for the 3rd edition of the Overseas and Francophonie Gastronomy Fair in Paris. January 4, 2018.

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10/12 –

Yannick Alleno and Alain Ducasse
Preview of the documentary film “La Quête d’Alain Ducasse” at the Pantheon cinema in Paris, France, on October 2, 2017.

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11/12 –

Yannick Alleno
Yannick Alléno at the Pavillon Ledoyen in Paris, September 19, 2017.

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12/12 –

Yannick Alleno and his wife Laurence
Annual dinner of the Society of Friends of the National Museum of Modern Art at the Center Pompidou in Paris, with guest of honor JP Goude, April 25, 2017.

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