Grosse dispute entre Emilie et Frédérick (MAPR) : ce qu'il s'est vraiment passé sera jamais diffusé

what really happened will never be broadcast

Everything was perfect for Emilie and Frédérick from Married at first sight. Whether it’s the ceremony, the photo shoot, the evening, the first night or even the honeymoon. Indeed, alchemy and complicity were at the rendezvous. Alas, it was short-lived, because on the last day of their stay, an argument broke out… Did they ignite too quickly?

Married at first sight : Emilie and Frédérick argued over their last evening in Prague

When Frédérick sees Emilie for the first time, he immediately fell in love. The chemistry immediately passed between them. Each spoke about the fact that they were parents before saying “yes” officially for life. It can be said that the experts of Married at first sight ensured their compatibility. The photo session had gone very well with a visit from Lina. Then, the atmosphere of the evening was perfect. The families got along very well and their first dance was a zouk, which brought the newlyweds even closer together.

But they hadn’t exchanged their first kiss yet. Emilie was a bit shy to do it in front of her father. But, during the honeymoon in Prague, things accelerated in the jacuzzi! Indeed, all the conditions were met for them to get closer. Alas, their happiness was short-lived, because we could hear the candidates of Married at first sight exchanging harsh words…

We don’t see the pictures, but we hear them arguing

The production of Married at first sight didn’t show the pictures, but we could hear their voices. For example, we hear Frédérick say “My last evening, it’s not how I imagined it”. On Emilie’s side, it was no better, she declares: “It got me drunk, there really I am robbed. There, it is really a point of no return. I want to stop. » How could the fairy tale turn into a tragedy?

Frédérick made some revelations to our colleagues from Tele-Leisure. In fact, it all started with a joke. When it’s time to go to bed and set up a subdued and quiet atmosphere, the young groom jumps on the bed and begins to dance to the music of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. At first, Emilie is very amused, but then her behavior intrigues her. “ Me, I’m in my delirium. Emilie, as she doesn’t know me – we got married 4 days before – she was surprised. She kept repeating to me: ‘Are you really like that? But no ?! Isn’t he like that in real life? It’s not possible, don’t tell me he’s like that every day?’ “, explains the candidate of Married at first sight.

Married at first sight: a technical problem that made them miss the scene of the argument!

But the pretty brunette insisted a little too much on Frédérick’s attitude, who suddenly changed his mood… “At one point, she repeated it twenty times and then she said to me: ‘Are you really not serious?! Aren’t you just doing this for the buzz?’ That pissed me off. My face has changed. The smile is gone. »

Why do the cameramen of Married at first sight didn’t film the scene and why wasn’t it shown on screen? In reality, the latter had a technical problem and missed the moment. According to Frédérick’s explanations, there were indeed film crews at the time of the argument, but they weren’t ready! “The camera, they weren’t ready. The rush skipped… That’s why they didn’t have the footage. I understood that they were disgusted, they were angry, because there was no way to recover these rushes “, says Frederick. So fans of Married at first sight will never be able to see their first argument. On the other hand, they will be able to see their explanations of the next morning and if they have reconciled…

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