Tom Cruise at Cannes 2022: the full replay of his masterclass - Actus Ciné

Tom Cruise at Cannes 2022: the full replay of his masterclass – Actus Ciné

The flagship event of this 75th Cannes edition, Tom Cruise’s masterclass was held in front of the festival-goers on May 18, 2022. Standing ovation, applause and murmurs of contentment were there. Check out the video replay!

He is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in the world, those whose devastating smile and innate aura can only impress any normally constituted person. This Cannes afternoon was no exception: when it came to welcoming Tom Cruise in one of the screening rooms of the Palais des Festivals, the passionate audience vibrated in unison.

Early cinephile

Generous with his public gathered in the Palais des Festivals, it is with the smile and the energy that we know him that Tom Cruise insisted on portraying himself in the first place through his love for cinema and its history, a love born from early childhood when at the age of four he began to dream of crazy stunts and climbs.

A childhood dream, therefore, which he was able to fulfill in front of and behind the screen, by becoming a multifaceted actor and a cultivated observant director, deeply nourished by everything that cinema has been able to offer: “At the age of 18, all of a sudden, I started experimenting, and found myself on a film set for a small role. I had never attended film school but I had seen many films.

I went everywhere where we talked about cinema and during this shoot, I tried to go around all the professions there on the set because I wanted to know everything we did there. It was maybe the last time I was on set. I studied everything, I trained myself.”

Uncompromising Spectator

A journey that he only considers through the experience of the cinema, even if it means pushing him back if the conditions are not met. Indeed, at a time when the health crisis has delayed many film releases on the big screen, including his Top Gun Maverick, finally presented at Cannes, Tom Cruise is formal and intransigent.

Going to the cinema, eating popcorn, meeting exhibitors, watching trailers: the ritual is sacred and you should never deviate from it. “”We’re going on another impossible mission: despite everything, Top Gun will be released in theaters”I said to everyone at the time.”

Under the applause of the public probably of the same opinion, he cuts without complacency between platforms and cinema, in the name of his unfailing love of the “film made for the big screen”, whose manufacturing process he wishes to master from A to Z:

Teamwork, meeting with the greatest. During her masterclass, the star takes the time to pay tribute: “I like the idea of ​​a team creating something and I’m lucky because I’ve worked with extraordinary directors but also excellent technicians, cinematographers and producers, such as Jerry Bruckheimer, Tony Scott and his brother Ridley…”

Jack-of-all-trades electric actor

During the masterclass, Tom Cruise compares his work as an actor to an exploration. Psychological exploration of sometimes complex characters (Magnolia, Eyes Wide Shut) but above all physical exploration: “Whether there is movement or there is not, there is a physical presence above all. When I watch Buster Keaton or Gene Kelly, I know that you can tell a story through movement. “

Movement: the term is weak to describe the physicality of Tom Cruise, he who does his own stunts and regularly puts his body in danger.

“Mission Impossible was the first movie I produced. I went to Paramount and told them I wanted to do this movie. I always thought there was something I could do to push the boundaries. of this art. (…) I want to give the public a unique experience.”

And it was still at the age of four that he had this vision and this desire, as a spectator who wanted above all to dream and push the limits:

Trying, not being afraid, daring to ask all the questions, accepting failure: so many creeds for this successful star who, he likes to repeat, has never stopped learning and experimenting, daring but without going too fast if he is not ready.

An essential dialogue that he has taken the time to conduct all these years with the fans of his cult film if there is one, presented today to the whole world. “I understand what people like to watch. I watch movies with people. It’s wonderful to be here in Cannes. I’m very grateful.”

A recognition and an honor shared by the Festival which, a few hours after this privileged meeting, will offer its inspiring star a surprise Palme d’Or, rewarding her entire career.

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