The old "would never have imagined seeing" the club go down to Ligue 2

The old “would never have imagined seeing” the club go down to Ligue 2

At Matmut Atlantic,

Like that, at the time, we almost called Gérard Lopez. Why ? To tell the owner and president of the Girondins de Bordeaux that we had (finally) found a team for him. Well, of course, some are perhaps a little advanced in age, but it could still quite make the mesh with a little preparation. In Ligue 2, of course! Here are the eleven lined up by the Navy and White this Wednesday at the Matmut Atlantique during the charity match in favor of the association Les Liens du Cœur which helps people with heart defects: Roux – Ferrié, Koscielny, Saveljic, Chalmé – Ducasse, Sané, Plasil – Saivet, Pauleta, Laslandes.

For the record, the kick-off was barely given that the eagle of the Azores had already planted two. And with finesse, of course! Smiles, hugs… Everyone was very happy to meet again, like during the 140th anniversary of the Girondins de Bordeaux a few months ago. An atmosphere that contrasts of course with the descent into hell of their favorite club and the very likely relegation of it to Ligue 2 this Saturday on the occasion of the last day of L1. It was therefore the right time to hand them the microphone and above all to listen to them.

A lot of “sadness”, a little “anger”

As usual, the great Cheick Diabaté, back home, was the most touching to the point of losing his incredible smile: “I would never have imagined seeing the Girondins go down to Ligue 2. I’m sad. I feel sick. “Sadness, his namesake, Lassina Diabaté” feels a lot “also. Same thing for Pedro Miguel Pauleta who still calls on everyone “to keep their heads up” to get up tomorrow.

But the “blow is hard” for Lamine Sané, the former Bordeaux midfielder: “I grew up in Bordeaux, I played for the Girondins, I am a supporter of the club. There is a lot of disappointment. “Didier Tholot, he feels “a little angry” in the face of this situation. The current coach of Pau FC had surely not imagined finding himself perhaps next season in Ligue 2 against his forever club. Even if “we had already been hot last season” recalls the emblematic Marius Trésor, “I never thought I would see the Girondins go down”. The last relegation dating from 1991.

The Koscielny symbol

So what to do now? “Already, we’re going to wait to find out what can happen because we don’t know anything,” says the 1999 French champion, Lilian Laslandes, bitterly. He continues: “I am sorry because we all love this club. Things have changed and we will have to put some values ​​back into this club. “A wish that takes on its full meaning when a certain… Laurent Koscielny appears on the lawn. Yes, yes, the international defender did put on the Girondins de Bordeaux jersey as its ambassador, just three months after being kicked out of the pro team by club management. Ubuesque. Lunar.

On the same theme, Lassina Diabaté asks leaders to “learn the lessons of this season” because for the former midfielder, “there are 90% of things to change. “Bordeaux has been living beyond its means for years. Today, the club will have to get back on the right track and go back up as quickly as possible, ”insists Marius Trésor. All hope to see the club quickly find the way to the L1. For that, Cheick Diabaté, a true local idol, even says he is ready to return home: “I could never say no to Bordeaux, that, you have to know. But hey, it’s not me who decides, it’s up to them (the leaders). We’ll see, maybe, why not. Suffice to say that since this declaration, the people of Bordeaux have been demanding their return.

Didier Tholot, who often made foot calls to his former club, will say no more: “Everyone knows my attachment to the Girondins de Bordeaux. “Lamine Sané, he claims to have offered his services. While waiting to find out more about the club’s future, for the great Cheick, “the only solution today is to fight for the Girondins to move up quickly to Ligue 1 because Bordeaux is not a Ligue 2 team.” “Bordeaux’s place is in Ligue 1,” concludes Pauleta.

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