Le PDG de Revolut précise comment évolueront le wallet et le token de la néobanque

The CEO of Revolut specifies how the neobank’s wallet and token will evolve

More information about the Revolut token

As part of a conference given to our colleagues from The Block in Hamburg, the CEO of Revolut, Nik Storonoskyrevealed some information regarding the long-awaited future token of online banking.

We mentioned it in September, the neobank has actually been working on a token for some time rewarding users in proportion to their use of the platform. A method that allows both promote the adoption of the token in question and build customer loyalty.

This was confirmed by Storonosky, who clarifies that the token “ will reward users for their loyalty “. Specifically, the system established by Revolut will look like the Air Miles loyalty programwhich offers exclusive benefits and promotions to its users when they use its services.

“It will definitely not be a stablecoin, the goal is to make loyalty tradable. »

Moreover, the CEO of the British online bank confirmed that Revolut would soon include home loans in its range of servicesa considerable step for a neobank, this kind of service being rather rare in this sector, or in any case at a reasonable price.

On this subject, he had also declared last March thatthis was a priorityinsofar as real estate loans “ are a fairly important part of consumers’ financial lives “.

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A non-custodial wallet to embark on Web 3.0

The CEO of Revolut has also confirmed his wish to set up a decentralized wallet in order to allow its users to take full advantage of decentralized finance (DeFi), in particular thanks to an offer of staking and lending.

A welcome additional offer, because although Revolut benefits from a “crypto-friendly” image, its offer was so far rather limitedoffering only a custodial wallet, although its supply of cryptocurrencies is growing.

A compatibility with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is also being considered, but the latter is however not a priority, Storonosky explaining that the priority is to start ” by the basics “.

Revolut thus wishes to succeed in the daring bet of taking charge of complex operations such as bridge or cross-chain and to make them transparent in order to follow the simplicity of traditional banking operations.

“We want to make sure people can transfer cryptocurrencies the same way they do with a bank account. First, we are going to launch on Ethereum, but then we will make it multichain. And Revcoin will follow a similar trajectory. »

Revolut thus confirms its wish to extend its offer, in particular in order to stand out from competing neobankswhich are enjoying increasing success internationally.

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Source: The Block

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