Les fan tokens de Socios.com grimpent après des annonces de Chiliz (CHZ)

Socios.com Fan Tokens Climb After Chiliz Announcements

Fan tokens take on colors

In an atmosphere capitulation in the cryptocurrency marketexacerbated by the Terra (LUNA) affair as well as the geopolitical and macro-economic context, green curves are becoming rare and seeing some of them is a real relief.

At the start of the week, sports enthusiasts were able to breathe a little when they saw their fan tokens lead a bullish rally and appreciate by several tens of percent. As an example, the Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token (PSG) climbed almost 150% since Monday evening, going from 5 dollars to more than 12 dollars, before stabilizing around 10 dollars.

rising fan token

Performance of the main fan tokens – as of Thursday, May 19, 07:45

In a nutshell, fan tokens are digital tokens designed to monetize the fervor of sports fans. They were invented and democratized by the company Socios.comwhich has established partnerships with big names in world sport : the Alpine team in Formula 1, Paris Saint-Germain, FC Barcelona, ​​and many others.

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Chiliz announces phase 2 of its testnet

One of the main reasons for this sudden rise in fan token prices would be the recent announcements from Chiliz (CHZ), the protocol on which Socios.com is based. The CHZ token is the real fuel for the platform, since it serves as currency sports enthusiasts wishing to acquire fan tokens.

This Tuesday, May 17, Chiliz revealed the launch of Jalapeño, the second phase of his testnet called “Scoville”. This is more broadly part of the transition from the platform to its mainnet, Chiliz Chain 2.0scheduled for the end of 2022.

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