Plus belle la vie stops and a famous villain is back for the series finale!

Plus belle la vie stops and a famous villain is back for the series finale!

No question of rushing the end of Plus belle la vie. The soap opera which has been a hit on France 3 for more than 17 years is coming to an end, but the production is planning a beautiful and happy ending.

Plus belle la vie is coming to an end, after nearly two decades of existence and more than 4,500 episodes. The rumor swelled since February, the information is now official. For the grand finale of the France 3 soap opera, the production has planned to put the package. Thus, the faithful viewers of the series will have the pleasure of finding the most outstanding characters of recent years. This is the opportunity for a famous villain to make his return.

It was on Instagram that he made the big announcement. Alexandre Fabre, the interpreter of Charles Frémont, thus indicates to shoot for the last scenes of Plus belle la vie. A smashing return of one of the series’ most recurring villains.

More beautiful life tf1

Remember that this father is presented as an unscrupulous businessman, involved in a large part of the criminal cases affecting the Mistral district.

The ledger of #Plusbellelavie will soon be closed and like you I guess, I am overwhelmed. For me it has been 18 years of strong emotions and happiness, a professional and human experience, he says in the caption of a montage of photos from the shoot. And if @pblvofficiel existed, it’s thanks to you, dear audience, who lived the adventures of the Mistralians with us, but also to the scriptwriters who gave life to our characters, and of course, thanks to my actor friends, the technicians and production teams.

After these few words, Alexandre Fabre reveals, still on the social network for sharing images, that viewers will soon be able to find him on the air. But there are still the last episodes of our beautiful show to live together, and I can tell you, but it’s a secret, don’t tell anyone, that Frémont will be there for the grand finale, and I can’t wait! he writes before greeting Internet users from the bottom of his heart.

See you soon to say goodbye to Plus belle la vie, its Mistral and its intrigues, in the presence of many personalities from the show like Alexandre Fabre.

More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Thursday, May 19, 2022

In the next episode of Plus belle la vie. While the police try to arrest Jacob at all costs, Sylvia and Vidal want to stop everything but manage to remain friends, in particular to preserve the atmosphere of the roommate.

Laurent Kérusoré (More Beautiful Life)


While Ariane questions Jacob to find out where Kevin and Camille are, he loses consciousness. The lieutenant reproaches Mathieu for having shot him. For their part, Kevin and Camille reach the shelter. Inside, Camille notices that there is no food. There is also no car waiting for them.

The next day, Emma, ​​Baptiste and Laetitia meet at the police station, where Patrick tells them that Jacob has been arrested in Croatia. He fell into a coma and was transferred to Marseille, while the whole team was deployed to find Kevin and Camille.

After inspecting the surroundings of the shelter, Kevin (Plus belle la vie) informs Camille that there is nothing. The girl begins to panic, but Kevin reassures her. He never ceases to praise his qualities. Kevin and Camille end up getting closer and making love.

More beautiful life stops

Meanwhile, the Croatian police are carrying out searches with drones. Kevin hears the noise of one of them and decides to make a fire outside to be spotted. Ariane notices the smoke, which helps them find each other.


During breakfast, Sylvia (Plus belle la vie) notices that Romain and Emily are passionate about their conversation about diving. They plan to go diving together this weekend.

Francesco hopes that his sister will finally have a stable relationship, but she realizes that Romain is not for her because they are too different. She confesses to Émilie that she intends to dump him, but she has an idea to make the breakup go smoothly.

In Fanny’s absence, Sylvia, Émilie and Romain have an aperitif together at the apartment. Drunk, they have fun answering an online psychological questionnaire. One thing leading to another, Sylvia initiates a threesome with Emilie and Romain. After making love, Sylvia leaves them both in bed.

More beautiful life


Back from a salsa lesson, Abdel and Barbara (Plus belle la vie) complain about not finding a partner. But Barbara points out to them that Abdel fell in love with a pretty brunette during a nightclub outing together. The woman in question crosses the street where they have to go to the restaurant. Abdel and Barbara decide to follow her. Abdel can observe her at the table with a man.

Abdel and Barbara then sit down at the next table. But at that moment Abdel’s thunderbolt has to go due to an emergency. Abdel pays the waiter to get information about her. He learns that she will be at the launch of a new perfume at the Massilia bar on Monday evening.

Abdel then asks Léa to give him her tickets for the launch because she got them for free from the town hall. In exchange, Abdel agrees to hold a free legal service at the town hall one Saturday a month.

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