Nvidia relance la carte graphique favorite des mineurs de crypto-monnaies, et ce n’est pas celle que vous pensez

Nvidia is Relaunching Crypto Miners’ Favorite Graphics Card, and It’s Not the One You Think

News hardware Nvidia is Relaunching Crypto Miners’ Favorite Graphics Card, and It’s Not the One You Think

As Nvidia continues its race for even better technology, the market continues to run out of electronic components. If we were able to notice a bewildering increase in the price of various PC components during this COVID crisis, Nvidia could well come back to the charge where we did not expect it.

An affordable Nvidia graphics card

AMD and Nvidia have always offered entry-level graphics cards in order to fill the entire market. Whether it was the GT 1030 in 2017, a year after the GTX 1080 which was proudly enthroned at the time with its 8 GB of dedicated video memory, and a year before the arrival of RTX cards on the market.

With the transition from Turing architecture to Ampere, Nvidia has supplanted demand by bringing the famous Ray-Tracinga technology that allows players to enjoy much more realistic and qualitative lighting effects.

Cherry on the cake, DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) made its appearance at this timea technology that allows gamers to easily upscale their resolution without major framerate drops. Clearly, to benefit from a better graphic quality, in a more consistent resolution: what do the people want?

Unfortunately, and we all know this, the global health crisis was not included in Nvidia’s plans. From mid-2019, the price of components soared due to a lack of raw materials.

For example, the RTX 2070 was planned at the initial price of €639, saw its price explode, wavering around €900. Slowly but surely, the expected prices are returning to their places in the various shops, the perfect time for Nvidia to announce their new ranges of graphics cards.

Nvidia is Relaunching Crypto Miners' Favorite Graphics Card, and It's Not the One You Think

Nvidia recently formalized their presence at Computex TaiwanMonday, May 23 at 8 p.m. local time, i.e. Tuesday at 5 a.m. in our French regions.

In addition to a potential formalization of the 4000 range during this event, Nvidia could surprise us with the arrival of a much more affordable card for small budgets.

A GTX 1630: what for?

Of course, we are entitled to wonder if this choice would be suitable for our future PCs. Whether you are a player or not, it is important to understand what the uses of such a product will be. For the moment, no technical specs leaked yet, let alone disclosed. But given the profile of its big sister, the GTX 1650, we could potentially accommodate a GTX 1630 equipped with 2 GB of dedicated video memory.

Nvidia is Relaunching Crypto Miners' Favorite Graphics Card, and It's Not the One You Think

Source : videocardz.com

If we follow Nvidia’s logic, this GTX 1630 could replace the 1650 (4 GB), but also the famous GT 1030which still sits among the brand’s most popular graphics cards.

But then, if Nvidia launches its 4000 range which aims to further improve the ampere architecture, we are entitled to wonder who this famous GTX 1630 could serve.

The GT 1030 and GTX 1630 could potentially share one thing in common: massive use by cryptocurrency miners.
The first card released in May 2017 is still top of mind in most online stores, and there’s a reason for that.

With its 2 GB of dedicated video memory and its low price (around €100), the GT 1030 is the little darling of crypto-currency miners. A quality/price ratio that could well make the GTX 1630 suitable for the same use.

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