Myriam Abel (New Star) unrecognizable on C8, Internet users are hallucinating (VIDEO)

Myriam Abel (New Star) unrecognizable on C8, Internet users are hallucinating (VIDEO)

The big winner of the third season of New star, Myriam Abel, appeared completely transformed on C8 last Tuesday, May 17, to the point of shocking a good number of Internet users. The singer had cosmetic surgery on her face.

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Almost 20 years after her coronation, Myriam Abel is talking about her again! The big winner of the third season of New star was making a comeback on the show TPMP XXL: The 10 shows we miss the mostbroadcast on C8 on Tuesday May 17. The singer, who since the beginning of 2020 has become a Club Med Talenttestified to his experience which notably enabled him to sell more than 250,000 copies of his first single and to obtain a gold record: “The three months of adventure, it’s three months where we are in a little cocoon, the magic of bonuses, it’s great because we are with the musicians, we have all the production that deals of us, who pampers us”.

New star allowed me to exist

The interpreter of Given and the cover of Tracy Chapman’s hit Baby Can I Hold You also explained that she was protected by a bodyguard once she became famous: “Notoriety at the time was crazy. Me, at the time of New star, I had a bodyguard with mebecause it was a crowd that followed me”, she says. But Myriam Abel still has excellent memories of this unique adventure within the tele-hook of M6: “Today, if someone asks me if I advise young people to do New starI will say yesobviously, you have to go, you have to go for it, it allowed me to exist.” Since her coronation, the artist has notably distinguished herself in several seasons of reality tv angels, which allowed him to return to the front of the stage. In the meantime, she also gave birth to two baby girlsCharlie in 2013, and Jamie the following year.

Myriam Abel unrecognizable

But the sequence broadcast last night nevertheless marked for other reasons. The 41-year-old singer from Gard has indeed unveiled a significant physical transformation, making her unrecognizable to internet users who have followed her since her television debut. An obvious recourse to cosmetic surgery, especially at the level of the lips, which shocked on social networks:

TPMP XXLto be found in full on the application myCANAL.

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