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MotoGP, Aleix Espargaró is convinced: “Fabio Quartararo is the man to beat” for the title

Aleix Espargaró disagrees with Fabio Quartararo on his chances of retaining his MotoGP world title. After a Grand Prix of France which he regretted having suffered since a fourth place which should have been worse without the falls produced in front of him, the Frenchman had warned that he was not a favorite to win the timpani this year. But the Aprilia official, who finished just ahead of him at Le Mans, and who follows him in the provisional general classification, is more optimistic about the Yamaha official’s chances of doubling the bet taken in 2021…

Aleix Espargaro At the age of 33, he is having his best season in MotoGP. His four podiums, which he has enjoyed since the first step in Argentina, positions him second in the championship, four points behind the leader Fabio Quartararo. The latter dropped points on lands in France where he hoped to be, on the contrary, conqueror to better then face deadlines theoretically less favorable to his Yamaha, which offers him very little room for maneuver.

A disappointment that took a toll on the morale of the tricolor who will be able to smile again by reading the different analysis of the facts from the one he was never able to overcome at Le Mans: Aleix Espargaro. The official Aprilia says on super7moto: “ I don’t see the others as regular and fast. Some are faster, some are smoother, but none are faster and more consistent at the same time. “. And he gives examples to convince: Pecco Bagnaia is very fast, but at the moment he is not consistent, the Suzukis are consistent, but I think they are not as fast as us. Fabio is therefore the man to beat “.

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Aleix Espargaro: i’m proud of who i am, even if being so direct can create problems

During this season, Aleix Espargaro stepped up to regret the wheel-suckers to flourish in the discipline. And he particularly attacked the family Markand more exactly to the eldest Mark. With hindsight, he recognizes that he went hard, but assumes and regrets nothing… Because, above all, kicking in the stretches, that’s his style: ” sometimes I don’t like it, but I’m proud of who I am, even though being so direct can create problems. But I tell you what I think in the face… It’s true that sometimes you have to be more politically correct, but we standardize everything too much and I don’t like that “.

On some occasions, he admits to overdoing it, but he doesn’t feel like he was disrespecting anyone. As in the recent controversy with the brothers Mark who were waiting for an aspiration: I admire Marc a lot, but I criticized two specific cases and I do not regret it. I think that in both cases, from my point of view, they were not well understood. It is true that in the case of Marc I exaggerated. I admit that he surpassed me, because what he did, I did too and many more times than him. But I’m normally thousands of miles away from him, and I was really shocked that he did and that’s when I said what I thought. I don’t think I disrespected her and I gave my opinion, but with hindsight I did too much with Marc because I did it several times “. That is what is said…

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