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Married at first sight: Emilie at its worst, the disease falls on her, “I’m afraid”

Emilie Married at First Sight has never been so bad. Indeed, Lina’s mother confides her anxieties to her Instagram followers and in reality, her panic is justified. If last Friday, she took a break … Sunday, she resumes her pen and gives her news. Currently, his whole family is going through a severe ordeal. Discover the details in the rest of the article.

Emilie Married at first sight is seriously ill

Since her move, Lina’s mother has suffered from chronic fatigue. She complains of her illness, but also of a persistent fever. Because of all this, she decided to distance herself. A completely understandable decision. But if her fans hoped to find her in great shape, the nightmare is far from over !

Moreover, in recent days, Emile Married at first sight has asked his religious community to pray for her. Since she is a real believer, she wanted her family to accompany her in this ordeal. All that to say that she was really in shock. But at the end of last week, she has to face a harsh reality again. And this time she is completely devastated.

Bad news for little Lina

Indeed, last Sunday, Emile Married at first sight is upset. She had to pass some tests. The first and second were negative. But on Sunday evening, she took the test again and it turned out to be positive. It’s official, she at Covid-19 ! And she complains that the disease is too strong for her. She admits that now she understands why this pandemic has taken so many people away. It is an extremely devastating disease, she testifies!

But that’s not all, she is in a worse position. Indeed, during her absence on social networks, she remained in the hospital. And after multiple analyses, it is possible that she is suffering from a pulmonary embolism. Therefore Emilie Married at first sight is in all these states. You can still see the bruise on her hand, testifying to the dirty quarter of an hour she spent away from home.

Emilie’s daughter Married at first sight in a critical situation

On May 15, when she has just been made aware of her situation, Emilie Married at first sight also shares another bad news. It is about the state of health of his daughter Lina. In effect, the little one also suffers from the coronavirus… she got Covid-19. His mother is all the more worried and worried. “I don’t understand, even though I haven’t come into contact with them”.

With tears in her eyes, the young woman explains the situation to her fans during a video she posted on Instagram. She is really upset and feels tired. One thing is certain, this fusional mother try as much as possible to keep your cool, even if it is hard. Emile Married at first sight no longer knows what to expect. We hope all is well for her and her family members!

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