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Jessica (Les 12 coups de midi): her shocking revelations about her illness

Jean-Luc Reichmann delights TF1 viewers every day by presenting his famous program “Les 12 coups de midi”. Every lunchtime, he welcomes new candidates who have come from afar to take part in the game. The moderator’s little tradition is to familiarize himself with the candidates and learn more about them.

On May 16, 2022, the host wanted to learn a little more about the new midday mistress, Jessica. She then opened up about the disease of which she is a victim: multiple sclerosis. Heartbreaking secrets that not only moved the public, but also Jean-Luc Reichmann.

12 strokes of noon: “I went through all the emotions”

It was a big blow when Jessica found out she had multiple sclerosis. Jean-Luc Reichman wanted to know what his reaction was when he was diagnosed with the disease, to which the new midday mistress replied:

“I went through all the emotions. Already, I was relieved. I know, it’s weird to say that, but I went two years without knowing what I had. I had symptoms, but no one knew what I had. I was dragged from doctors to examinations without knowing. And one day, I saw a professor who finally made this diagnosis. So instantly I was relieved. »

However, although she was reassured, Jessica also understood that the disease is not easy to manage. Not to mention that the disease of multiple sclerosis from which she suffers has no treatment.

“There are basic treatments, but we cannot cure them,” she argued.

12 strokes of noon: Jean-Luc Reichmann, moved

Jessica seems to live with her disease today. However, she has resolved to think that anything can happen at any time. “It’s a gift to live with a sword of Damocles”, she also ended up confessing on the set of “12 noon shots”.

Her illness changed Jessica’s outlook for the future. Indeed, the latter intends to take advantage of each passing moment as if it were the last.

“I’m here and enjoying every moment,” she said.

Confidences that touched Jean-Luc Reichman, who seemed moved.

Women, increasingly affected by multiple sclerosis

You should know that multiple sclerosis is increasing in women. A study shows that women are more affected by this disease than men. Specialists also count “three women affected for one man”. A figure that continues to increase year after year.

But why this difference in figures between the two sexes? This is due to life changes apparently. According to a study carried out in Crete between 1980 and 2008, urbanization has increased the cases of multiple sclerosis, especially among women. City dwellers are even more the victims of the disease.

For good reason, in the metropolis, there is an increase in tobacco consumption, “more frequent use of contraceptives” or even “a decline in the age at which they have their first child”, but also a change in diet.

Other risk factors

There has been a lot of research that has focused on multiple sclerosis, as assured AFP by neurologist Catherine Lubetzki who works at the Brain and Spinal Cord Institute (ICM) in Paris.

The result of the research showed that countries far from the equator are more affected by this disease. For good reason, they have a lower level of sunshine. However, it is one of the risk factors for multiple sclerosis.

There are also hormones. Researchers, whose study is present in the Proceedings of the American Academy of Sciences (PNAS), said that if men are less affected, it is thanks to the greater production of testosterone. This hormone seems to protect the body from multiple sclerosis.

“Multiple sclerosis today has nothing to do with what it was in the past,” he insists. In the 1960s, women with the disease were forbidden to have babies, but today we know that there is no risk. We can carry out life projects even with this disease, ”reassured neurologist Thibault Moreau.

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