«Vous êtes un propagateur de haine!»: énorme clash entre Gilles Verdez et Matthieu Delormeau dans «TPMP»

Huge clash between Gilles Verdez and Matthieu Delormeau in “TPMP”

VIDEO – In disagreement over the Idrissa Gueye affair, the two columnists of the C8 talk show got very angry, insulting each other live.

The atmosphere was explosive on Wednesday evening in “Touche pas à mon poste!”. As Cyril Hanouna is used to now, the talk show returned to a strong topical subject, namely the controversy surrounding Idrissa Gueye, Paris Saint-Germain player, who refused to play against Montpellier for not being associated with the day against homophobia. Because of his religious beliefs, the athlete would not have wanted to wear the jersey with rainbow flocking.

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On the set, Gilles Verdez and Matthieu Delormeau were strongly scarred. In disagreement, the two columnists gave their point of view. Gilles Verdez, the most to speak, supported the footballer. “It’s taking on a global dimension but I support it. It must already be said that Idrissa Gueye is an exemplary man, he has just collected, during a charity gala, a million euros for young patients. He’s someone who cares a lot about what’s going on in society.he pointed out. And there, he did not want to wear a rainbow jersey for this day against homophobia. I agree with him in the name of his freedom of conscience, of expression, of religion. And for that, he is thrown to the dogs, there is hatred against him, I find that totally inadmissible.he added before being cut by Matthieu Delormeau.

“You really are a huge asshole!”

Matthieu Delormeau to Gilles Verdez in “Don’t touch my post!” on C8

“You really are a huge asshole!”swung the host of “TPMP People”. “Oh yeah! You make you vomit all the time”added Géraldine Maillet. “Matthew, no vulgarity, please”, then intervened Cyril Hanouna. In vain. “Homophobia is not an opinion, it is a crime.“, recalled the columnist. “But he does not practice homophobia”retorted Gilles Verdez. “It’s not about practicing. It was in support of homophobia. Homophobia is not an opinion, it is a crime. What you just said there is a shame. Really, I’m telling you eye to eye, and sorry, you really are a huge asshole”repeated the columnist.

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The tone then went up a notch. “He doesn’t practice homophobia, are you stupid or what?yelled Gilles Verdez. Stop lecturing, you are self-righteousness.” “So because he doesn’t practice homophobia, he doesn’t have to be against homophobia?”questioned Matthieu Delormeau before his interlocutor drives the point home: “You are a hate-spreader, you spread hate”. This was too much for the columnist: “I swear to you Gilles, this is going too far! It’s over, I’m not talking to you anymore in the dressing room. What you just said there, in front of everyone, you’re a huge asshole. Really Gilles, it’s a shame! It means that you are for homophobia”.

“You are too hard on Gilles, you take the matter too personally. Gilles is an example of tolerance”

Cyril Hanouna to Matthieu Delormeau in “Don’t touch my post!” on C8

If some of the columnists present on the set of “TPMP” shared the opinion of Matthieu Delormeau, Cyril Hanouna defended Gilles Verdez: “Gilles, homophobic? I’ve never heard such bullshit. He is an example of tolerance, he is against all forms of racism.. Not enough to appease the spirits. The exchange started up again. Faced with the statements of Gilles Verdez, Matthieu got carried away again: “That’s enough! Shut your mouth!”.

A few minutes later, exasperated by a remark from Cyril Hanouna pointing out to him that he had “been very bad”Matthieu Delormeau snatched his microphone and left the set. “You take it too literally”said the host and producer while trying to hold back his columnist. “You are too hard on Gilles, you take the matter too personally. Gilles is an example of tolerance”he added.

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